Virtual Live Review: Sarah Darling’s Nashville Meets London Session

Tonight, (Wednesday, April 1st), American country singer/songwriter Sarah Darling took over the Nashville Meets London Facebook page for a special live stream concert.

The sessions are taking place with artists across the globe, as this year’s NML Festival has been pushed back until next year due to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) global pandemic.

For her 35 minute set Sarah performed live from her Nashville home and delivered a collection of older hits as she took us down a sweet memory lane of golden oldies, also remembering to throw in some new ones too.

In fact it was a brand new track that kicked off the mini gig with Sarah opening with ‘Hungover’ – a truly beautiful break-up song that allows her sweet vocal tone to really shine.

Moving into older territory, Darling then sang the timely ballad ‘Angel Wings’. This is one that many fans will be familiar with although it has never been officially released.

It is a breathtaking and poignant song that will move your heart in ways that never seemed possible.

A stunning cover of ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ allowed us to be taken into the Campfire Sessions esque world, and to hear this performed so beautifully once again by the Iowa native was just a pure delight.

Delving into her back catalogue, Sarah Darling then performed two classics from years gone by in the shape of ‘Home To Me’, and ‘Bad Habit’.

Both tracks have played pivotal roles in Sarah’s career and it is always an honour to hear them performed live so perfectly.

Showcasing another unreleased track, the adopted Brit then sang the heartbreaking, and moving ‘Waves’, before transporting us all to Wyoming for ‘Where Cowboys Ride’.

As a request the sweet Iowan then sang the chorus of her upbeat hit ‘Little Umbrellas’ A capella, shining a light on her breathtaking vocal control.

She then closed out the showcase with the ‘Dream Country’ favourite ‘Starry Eyes’ – a poignant remember to always keep your childlike wonder.

Answering questions throughout from fans watching across the world meant this live stream felt intimate and allowed a real connection to be made between the fans and Sarah.

There are very few artists in the world who are able to move and transport you quite the way Sarah Darling does, she is a uniquely gifted storyteller with a stunning vocal which was showcased beautifully via this NML live session.


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Written by Laura Klonowski

Qualified music journalist! Writing single/album/live reviews, feature articles, interviews, and news pieces.
Twitter: @cherylssoldier1
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