Walmart Releases “Made in the AM” and “Purpose” Early

We’re all excited for One Direction and Justin Bieber’s new albums. Most of us are waiting till the thirteenth to hear them, but now, Walmart is making that temptation even harder. According to a few people who took the trip to the superstore, both “Made in the AM” and “Purpose” are on their shelves.

This has fans horribly upset, and Walmart even trended on Twitter. The event also led to the trend of the hashtag #NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM.

Despite all the tweets directed towards them, Walmart has not given a response.

As a fan, it’s very upsetting that Walmart has yet to say anything. What some of the stores did was absolutely wrong, as it’s disrespectful to both artists. They worked hard on these albums, and they’re set to release on a certain date, and it’s like Walmart couldn’t have cared less.

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Even if we walk into a Walmart, and we can’t fight the temptation of picking up these CDs, we won’t be listening to them till the thirteenth. We hope you do the same.

Written by Jessica Brown

A college graduate who enjoys watching Supernatural, attending conventions and concerts, taking photos, and writing to the masses. Email me at