WATCH: Anne-Marie’s Music Video For Recently Released Single “Heavy”

Here she is again with another amazing music video. Anne-Marie released her music video for her most recent single “Heavy”, a few days ago, and we can’t get enough of it.

The single hasn’t performed as well as her other recently released singles have. It managed to chart at number 58 on the UK Singles Chart and now it’s started its steady decline. It didn’t do well in Ireland either, having charted at number 77. But, it’s not all bad, she managed to chart at number eight on Belgium’s Ultratip Flanders Chart; and, if you compare these chart numbers to her unsuccessful first releases – which didn’t chart at all – really just shows how far Anne-Marie has come.

This music video is probably one of her best yet, and it’s one we are fond of, for sure. Relatable to the song in every way whilst being bright and colourful; we feel this just isn’t getting the attention it clearly deserves – both the song and the visual. We previously reviewed the song as part of our New Music Round Up.

Watch The Music Video For Anne-Marie’s “Heavy” Here:

The opening scene sees her arguing with her lover in a booth at a restaurant, followed by other scenes of them embracing. Soon enough, another Anne-Marie walks into the diner and has a moment with the lover before sitting where he was previously sitting. Are they twins, talking out the problem? Are they doppelgangers discussing what’s gone on?

Well, our initial thoughts are snuffed out as we watch multiple versions of Anne-Marie popping up everywhere. We’re clearly in an Anne-Marie universe, where every woman is this rising singer. It must have been so difficult for her lover to go out with this woman.

Throughout, the fashion is on-point; and, each version of Anne-Marie is a version of herself that she wants him to know about. We’ve all got different sides to us, different interests that makes us unique. As the music video comes to the end, she sings this song to him under a beautiful chandelier, and it seems all is forgiven.

The song is a total grower of the song, and now, that the music video has dropped, we are fully embracing the intricate pop ballad song, “Heavy”.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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