Watch Halsey Cover Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”

An American artist by the stage name of Halsey recently covered Justin Bieber’s sweet tune, Love Yourself and people are freaking out.

Triple J, an Australian radio station that largely thrives off of alternative Australian music, has finally welcomed a Bieber debut on to its airwaves — kind of.

Breakout musician Halsey was invited to perform a cover on the show’s special segment called Like A Version, in which a range of artists swing by to record a cover of their choosing. With a musical collaboration (The Feeling on Bieber’s latest album, Purpose) and a professional relationship (a performance of their collaboration on Today) already forged between Bieber and Halsey, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the American singer-songwriter chose her friend’s single to cover.

We cannot believe Christmas has come so soon.

Halsey’s unique vocal tone and carefree attitude (a certain profanity is used to replace “love” in the lyrics) throw in a different take on the hit single.

With the instrumental aid of a simple drumbeat and keyboard organ, Halsey’s delicate voice pays homage to the original vocal performance of Bieber in his song: soft, sweet and reflective.

Triple J releases a Hottest 100 album and Like a Version compilation album at the end of each year, featuring the top alternative tracks released in the year and the best covers from the entire 12 months of music, respectively. Both fanbases of Halsey and Justin Bieber (and also those who still refuse to admit their secret love of the Biebs) will be hoping the cover and original track make the final cut. Tradionally, very few pop songs achieve this feat, as Triple J specialises in Australian alternative music, rather than American pop.

But we can hope, right? Our ears have been blessed and we’d like to have them blessed repeatedly with this ethereal cover on a CD or on our iTunes account.

Halsey also spoke on the radio show about her elation of being the “punk girl” on stage with Justin Bieber, which she says has helped damper the stigma surrounding said Canadian pop star, his music and his large young female demographic.

“There are girls sitting at home watching the biggest male pop star in the world on stage with a girl who’s not necessarily traditionally feminine or traditionally beautiful,” she reminisces of her Today performance with Bieber.

The alternative artist also performed track Hold Me Down from her first and only full length album, Badlands. You can check out the equally incredible content here.

We’ll stop talking now and let you enjoy the beauty that is Halsey covering Love Yourself below:

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Written by Uyen