WATCH: Harry Styles on The Jonathan Ross Show

Yes, you read the title correctly and yes, we’ve got all the details for you.

Just this past weekend, Harry Styles stopped by The Jonathan Ross Show, had a little chat with the late night talk show host, played a fun game with a few of the other show’s guests, and even performed his newest single “Two Ghosts” live for the in-studio audience. It was quite the night and quite amazing to watch, so in case you missed a fabulous night of Mr. Styles in yellow, here’s a bit of a break down for you.

First off, we bring you “The Cube Challenge starring Harry Styles, Suranne Jones, John Bishop, and Mo Farah”. The objective of the game? The task is to empty a pit full of red balls against your 3 other opponents, in 15 seconds or less.

And the winner was…
You didn’t think we were going to spoil the fun for you, did you? Watch the video below to see who won “The Cube Challenge”!

Next, Harry sat down with Jonathan on his infamous yellow couch alongside Suranne, John, and Mo for a little bit of witty banter. Let’s just say, fans went wild after witnessing Harry in a yellow suit, as the internet (and the fandom) literally had a meltdown.

And finally, to wrap up a perfect night of fun, laughter, and banter, Harry closed the show with his newest single “Two Ghosts” live, and sang it effortlessly in his stunning yellow suit (not that we’re surprised, Harry has already wowed us with his talent several times before, and has proven that he can pull just about anything off).

Watch his incredible in-studio performance below, to witness magic before your eyes.

Did you have a chance to catch Harry on The Jonathan Ross Show? If so, what part of the show did you like the best? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter (@CelebMix).

Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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