Watch the “Setting Sun” in the stunning new visuals from Cristóvam

Spectacular “Setting Sun” by multi-award winning Cristóvam is sure to fill you with rays of warmth. With influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Mulvey and Bon Iver, the Portuguese-born artist delivers gold in a new self-produced single; complimented by the phenomenal visuals in his music video that will leave you in awe of our beautiful world. The song details how despite the tornados of darkness we may face in life, nothing can dim the love and light between two people. The song portrays that, in the face of it all, the devotion of two people to each other will carry you through the hurricanes of life untouched.

The sunshine of the folk-pop hit contains lyrics that provide beautiful metaphors and imagery “our love is like an island floating, in the desert blue” is bound to make you “forget the world for a little while”. With warm flutters of guitar, drums that make you tap along and reverberated slide guitar adding a grand ambient feel there is so much to take you away! The chorus is highly singable accompanied by soft harmonies and production that holds space beautifully for the gorgeous lyrics that will fulfil your imagination with stunning visions.

Other than love itself Cristóvam confides, “I held on to my favorite music and used it as an escape, to a world of my own, where I could dream about things that I thought no one would ever understand.” “Setting Sun” will take you to the clouds leaving you dreaming about the beauty of love and life. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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