WATCH: Truth Or Dare First Movie Trailer

The first trailer for Blumhouse’s horror movie ‘Truth or Dare’ has been released and we’re currently sat debating on whether we’re going to be able to handle it!

The movie follows a group of college friends who find themselves trapped in a sinister game of Truth or Dare gone wrong. If you don’t tell the truth or refuse a dare, you die. Not your typical sleepover style of the game, really. By the looks of it, it’s like a supernatural entity that has the abilities to possess all participants and have them killed if they ever refuse. When they/it possess a person, the supernatural creature inherits this incredibly creepy smile before killing.

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It’s up to Olivia (Lucy Hale) to find the person or thing behind the twisted game, in order to end it and save her friends who have managed to survive once and for all.

Or, if she’s a little messed up in the head, then maybe she’ll pass it on to another group of innocent teens, like the guy who passes it on to Olivia and her friends at the beginning of the trailer.

The trailer does give us a sneak peek of participants refusing to partake in the game; leading to one man slipping on a pool table and dying, another man has his eye jabbed out and Olivia has to have her hand smashed by a hammer. We’re going to be cringing a lot at this movie!

Honestly, it looks so disturbing but so gripping at the same time. This could be one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2018, and what better reason to watch than having two very well known actors in it. Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery – Pretty Little Liars) and Tyler Posey (Scott McCall – Teen Wolf) both star in the movie as lead roles, Lucy being in the biggest lead role as Olivia.

Watch the trailer for Truth or Dare here:

Truth or Dare hits theatres, April 2018.

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