.wavrunner Shares the Amped-up Visuals for their Fun-loving Single “Professional”

With winter nearing its end and spring fast approaching, many of us are yearning for a relaxed, sunny atmosphere.  .wavrunner provides the sunshine we crave with their upbeat song “Professional”. The group oozes with those warm, party vibes through their beachy soundscapes and charismatic vocals. Everything about the hip-hop/pop banger makes you want to let loose and just have a good time. The video offers viewers those same carefree feels. The energy is high as they dance and jump around. Opening with a brainstorm session, it is already giving us a glimpse into their playful personalities. The visuals showcase debonair fashion, a fancy car and even a steamy office hookup. The piece perfectly contrasts the song’s title, as they act anything but professional in the work setting. The release ends with one of the members taking off a VR headset, bewildered by what he just witnessed.

The threesome is known for their colorful sound and creative tunes. Their feel-good nature and bright, confident demeanor has gained them a loyal fan base. This track possesses that same lighthearted quality. They reveal, “This song was originally going to be called ‘The Most Beautiful Ass’ because it’s a summery, tropical song that makes us feel like we’re surrounded by a bunch of peaches in bikinis. Anyways, we realized we never say those words in the song and most big pop songs say the title somewhere in the lyrics, so we went with “Professional.” 

.wavrunner is comprised of Jack Wesley, his brother JJ and Griff. Jack and Griff are the vocals and JJ creates their bold beats. JJ and Griff met in Cleveland, Ohio as second graders and instantly bonded. Realizing they both have a fondness for certain four-letter words, the trio concocts music good-humored and raw.

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Written by LeahBlack

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