We Spoke To Conor Maynard Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So Much

Even though he just hit major success recently, in 2012, Conor Maynard has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. Through think and thin, his fans have stayed by him, supporting his music and watching his videos relentlessly. It is rare to find an artist with such a solid fanbase so early on in their career, but Conor has just that. We talked to some of his fans, on Twitter, just to prove to you how amazing they really are.

(@AmberEdwardsx)- “He’s crazy talented and super lovely to his fans! He deserves so much more love and recognition than he gets. He’s an absolute angel and I have a lot of love for him.”

(@ConorsCanadiac)- “I love Conor Maynard because he is one of the most genuine people in the industry. He actually cares about his fans and deserves the world. I love his personality (he is so funny), his style, and his voice. Plus, he’s pretty cute.”

(@acidmaynard)- “He’s an angel. The sweetest, most talented human! [I am] super super proud of him and everything he’s done. Love you Conor.”

(@FernandaMayniac)- “Ever since I joined the fandom, he has been a total angel to ALL of us. He’s so genuine, extremely talented, freaking hilarious, and absolutely honest about everything! There are not enough words to express how much love and respect I have for him.”

(@Vickykate_xo)- “He’s literally so down to earth, puts his fans first, and releases the best content he can. Just an amazing person!”

(@HonestSurvivor)- “He never fails to make you laugh. He wants to make you smile 24/7 and we [fans] can hopefully return that.”

(@starlitgeorge)- “He is such an incredible person. His covers and songs are amazing and he puts on act shows. Love him so much!”

(@tiedyenevi)- “He is so genuine and kind to everyone. His songwriting ability is unbelievable!”

(@kaittowe)- “He is hilarious and always makes me smile. I’ve seen all of his interviews on YouTube and I love him in Jack Maynard’s videos. I also love his music and covers. I’ve listened to “This Is My Version” so many times on Spotify. I literally have his covers album on replay. I love all his videos and I love watching his Snapchat stories! So, yeah, that’s why I love Conor Maynard.”

(@fadingaimh)- “You’d be crazy if you didn’t love him.”

As you can tell, Conor Maynard’s fans are nothing but devoted to him. Even though Conor has yet to release his second original album, his fans stream his ever-so-popular YouTube videos. They are also the reason behind his newest cover album’s success. We definitely can see why his fans are so dedicated. Conor is funny, charming, attractive, and talented. It’s the perfect package!

Even though Conor’s fans are called the Mayniacs, we know they are only crazy out of pure love. Conor’s career is only just beginning and we can tell him and his loving fans are set to go real far in the future.  We have no doubts that Conor has impacted his fan’s hearts in the best ways and Conor’s fans have affected him in the same ways. The bond between an artist and his/her fans is so crucial and Conor and his Mayniacs have a bond that will never be broken.

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Before you go, check out Conor’s official video for his original song, “This Is My Version”!

Written by CelebMix