We Spoke To Troye Sivan Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So Much

We Spoke To Troye Sivan Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So Much

Troye Sivan is all about being true to yourself, no matter what. He came out to his parents when he was 15 and since then he’s been making more of an effort to connect with fans onstage. He told Out Magazine that being gay is not something that he’s ashamed of. “It’s not something that anyone should have to be ashamed of,” explained Troye.

He continued saying, “I’ve been looking at people’s faces a lot more during a show, and it’s been getting me insane amounts of joy. I see kids closing their eyes and singing the lyrics, and I see kids with huge smiles on their faces, or I see kids that are on a date. I see kids who are proud of themselves and proud of me, and it just really makes me happy.”

In a video posted to Twitter by a fan named Kelly, Troye is onstage where he’s about to read a note that was given to him by her. In the video he asks her, “Are you sure?” When she says yes, he reads the message that was directed to her mom in the crowd that night.

The note read, “If you’re reading this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please?” After that, the crowd supported Kelly by applauding her. Troye then went over to Kelly, shook her hand, and blew her a kiss. You can check out her video below.

These is just one fan interaction to prove how amazing and appreciative Troye is towards his fans. CelebMix took the time to speak to some Troye Sivan fans from around the world, and this is what they had to say.

We Spoke To Troye Sivan Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So MuchWe Spoke To Troye Sivan Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So Much

Sarah | 21 | France –  “I love Troye because just love the person he is. He’s so natural and himself in everything he does. He’s so caring and I love the fact that he is modest despite everything that is happening to him. Back in 2013 would he imagine just for a second that he would perform in the Billboard Music Awards or nominated to the VMA’s? I think he would say something like, ‘Yeah stop mocking me,’ but there he is, he made it. He is where he is maybe because of his fans but mostly because of his talent. He is so genuine and talented and amazing. He seems small but has a lot of charisma and peoples are naturally drawn to him and love him. People want the best for him and to see him succeed, and I am one of them. He has so much to give us and we are just so thankful for that. Also, Troye’s music is as authentic as him. Sometimes I listen to a song and I can easily compare it to so many other songs because it’s nothing new, but when I listen to Troye’s songs I listen to a new kind of music that I’ve never heard before. The lyrics are very personal, like you know they’re close to him and not just any song.”

“How did he changed my life? I often say I’m straight , but to be honest knowing my sexuality isn’t a big issue for me and I’m fine with anyone as long as I love them. So I don’t think he helped me a lot personally on that part, but I’m aware he did help a lot of young people who kind of just follow what society want them to do. People usually just follow the rules and do what they think is ” normal,” and we all know that homosexuality or LGBT issues and community is still subject that is ignored mostly. Teenagers are kinda lost because they don’t always know what to do, how to react when they realize they are gay, and/or how to act. Troye is one of the teenagers who actually went through it. He has the possibility to share his experience and inspire so many kids like him and give them the courage to not be afraid of coming out and be unapologetically who they are. And yeah because of him I saw a lot of his fans coming out to their parents and being themselves, and their parents supporting them. Troye gives millions of kids the courage to break that fear and I’m really proud of him for that.”

Gabriella | 15 | Pennsylvania – “I love Troye and his whole demeanor with all my heart. He’s so pure and real with his fans and his songs. He’s not like any other artist. He’s truly amazing.He showed me that it’s okay to be different and original, though some won’t approve, it only matters if you approve of yourself. If you do that, you’re golden.”

Núria | 19 | Barcelona, Spain – “I love Troye Sivan because his music makes me feel free. I also love him because he treats his fans nicely.

Melanie Gomez | 22 | New Jersey – “As someone who met Troye for about a minute or less after running into him at a New York City concert he was attending, I can honestly say he’s a true star. Within the few seconds that my mom and I had with him, he listened despite to us having to rush out before anyone else saw him. How do I know he listened? Because when my mom told him we were going to see him at the venue we were standing in, even with all the noise in the room, he pointed to the floor saying, “here?,” as he had to leave.”

“He even said yes to getting a quick photo with him, as well as with another person who spotted him. We didn’t expect a yes because we didn’t want to attract too much attention towards him, but he did it anyway. No matter what was going on in that moment along with him having to leave, he acted so generous towards us and truly cared.”

Neil |  48 | UK – “I’m a member of @TeamTroye and a follower and supporter of Troye since his first YouTube video in 2007. The first time I heard Troye, I was Tube-hopping. Going to a page on YouTube, seeing what they liked and going to the channels of some that they liked. One share was to an account called TroyeSivan18. A young kid, sitting there in front of a webcam, introducing himself and telling us he was sick so he hoped we liked his song. I wasn’t expecting much but, as soon as he started, I just thought “Wow.” The video was just 2 weeks old and his subscriber count was in 2 digits. If he is that good when he is ill, what is he like when he is well? I kept checking back. When I heard his rendition of “Over the Rainbow” on a Perth Telethon, it sent chills right through me. I immediately set up a YouTube account and subscribed. I wanted more of this voice. Relaxed, smooth, natural. He wasn’t trying to be someone else. He didn’t need to be. I knew then that he had the talent to go far. A web search led me to a website and a forum. This led to the official Troye Sivan Forum and I met several others who shared the passion.”

“Our aim became to spread the word, and to share this wonderful talent with as many people as possible. TeamTroye was started in 2010. But that wasn’t all. He had a huge heart. Made a charity video “For Them” highlighting the plight of homeless children around the world. Setting up the ‘For Them’ charity with Kids Helping Kids. He also recorded his own 5 track EP Dare To Dream. Each one burned and printed at home and every copy signed. This guy was all give. Talented, caring and generous. We were all nervous when his voice broke. Would he still have it? He still had it. His cover versions of songs were unique. He didn’t try to be that artist; he was just Troye. When he recorded “June Haverly,” we got a glimpse into his song writing abilities and into his soul. He wrote from the heart and he sang from the heart. All his songs are like that. Each one has a story to tell and every song speaks to and for someone else who is going through similar experiences. It always seems to amaze him, whenever he gets the reception and praise he deserves. All he is doing is being himself and, doing what he loves.”

“Over the last, nearly, nine years, his singing and his songs have become part of my life. Every year my appreciation, admiration and love for him grows. He constantly strives to learn and improve on his already natural talent and his songs and attitude show a maturity way beyond his years. He puts into music the thoughts and feelings all of us have had at some time. They say talking about your feelings helps.”

“By talking and singing about this, he has shown that it is okay to express your feelings. I like all of the songs on Blue Neighbourhood. But my favourite is “Talk me down.” The lyrics and the tune are great. But most of all, that song, more than any other on that album, delivers the fantastic voice that I fell in love with. Troye has a lot to offer the world. All the world needs to do is listen. With nearly nine years to work with, I could add so much more. It’s taken me a while to try to break it down to this. I’m sure my friend Debbie (also in this article) has had similar problems. She is his number one fan, a fact Troye, himself, mentioned in one of his YouTube videos saying, “You may argue, but she is.” Troye deserves all the praise he gets.”

Trisha | 19 | Trinidad & Tobago – “I love Troye because he’s such an inspiration to everyone worldwide. He’s cute, handsome, and  talented. There’s no word in this world that can describe how much I love his voice. His music connects with me on an emotional level. He made me realize that love is love. He is one in a million and I love him so much. He’s a great guy and he deserves all the happiness and success in this world.”

Paz | 15 | Paraguay – “At t the time I first heard about Troye I was struggling with things, as anyone growing up does. My anxiety started to get worse and I won’t say that was a solution but it was my healthy way to escape from the world to just go to YouTube and watch silly funny videos that would cheer me up. Many things changed for me around that time. I stopped basically everything since I didn’t felt like putting effort on anything I was doing because I thought it just wasn’t worth it. I’m just really glad I got interested in someone like Troye. Besides his funny personality he’s been always real to his audience, an admirable quality. Also he knows he has a huge influence and he uses it for good. I’ve learned a lot of things from him. About LGBT, their community, and self acceptance.”

“His confidence to wear things giving a shit about gender roles inspires me. Since I started listening to his songs I started to feel emotionally connected with him. There’s a message, a story behind each one of them and somehow, I can relate to him. He offered me hope through hard times. He inspired me to start drawing and writing again. Even though I’m not the best, I enjoy doing those things and I see I’ve made progress makes my life more meaningful. I’m glad to say I’m in a better place I used to be and I feel like I owe a huge part of that to him. Thanks for sharing your life with us, thanks for being so inspiring. Never change, you’re frigging amazing.”

Daria | 13 | Massachusetts – “The reason I love Troye Sivan is because you get so attached to his songs. They make you emotional. His songs have so much meaning and I don’t know what it is about him and his music. With every other artist I used to love I wasn’t so attached to them. Troye just had a spell and once you’re under the spell there is no cure.”

Ana | 16 | Spain – “Troye taught me to accept everyone. He gave me the best taste in music and the best day in my life 29.04.16 when I met the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of him. He made me who I am today.”

Tori Ramirez | 15 | Texas – “I was talking to a friend of mine and she was in love with Troye Sivan So I was just like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna listen to his music and check him out.’ So after I listened to the full Blue Neighborhood album I fell in love with him. His music just means so much to me and it just relaxes me. His music makes sense, and his voice, the beat, and the lyrics are beautiful. I just love him so much because he doesn’t care what people think about him. He just does him and that’s what’s good. He loves his fans so much and there’s a reason why his fans are there for him, and its because we love him so much. He deserves it”

Lana | 41 | New Jersey – “I first became a fan of Troye Sivan when I saw the first of his trilogy music videos. I read about it on the internet and decided to check out the video for “Wild” and I thought it was a great song and the video tells an important story. After that I couldn’t wait to see the next video which would continue the story. I started listening to his music after that and loved it. The whole Blue Neighborhood album is so good.”

“I feel he wants to help people through his music. He has a great voice, a great message and is such a nice person. I became a big fan and can’t wait to see him in concert in New York City. I was lucky enough to run into him at a MTV Pre-VMA Party recently! I was shocked to see him there. I got the chance to speak to him briefly and take a picture with him. He was as nice as I thought he would be. It was so loud in there but he listened to what I had to say and cared to hear it even though it was hard to hear with all the noise. It happened to be at the same venue that I will be going to see him in concert so I told him that and he was happy to hear that. Troye is just so talented and nice and I know he’s helping many fans with his music.”

Brynn | 13 | Minnesota – “Troye Sivan has been my favorite singer for a while now. He is so loving with his fans and such a genuine person. I love him because he has a very great voice and he really shows his emotions towards his music unlike other singers, which I think is very important in a successful career. Love you Troye!”

Debbie Fougere | 54Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – “I’ll never forget the moment I heard Troye singing his song “For Them.” As I began to look him up further on the net, I started to see that not only did he have an angelic voice but his heart was as genuine and sweet. I sometimes refer to him as ‘sweet Troye’. He had gotten a songwritter (Anthony Johnson) to write a song for him to sing about homeless children so that he could raise awareness and also raise money to help homeless children through an organization called Kids Helping Kids. If that doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. This lil guy blew me away with not only his voice, and how well spoken he was, but how sincere his heart was and still is. It was like I was ‘awe struck’ from that moment onward. It’s hard to stop describing him as awesome and amazing.

“I love how close he and his family are and I especially love his sense of humour. Troye can be very funny and I love that quality! I began to search more about him and watched every video he had. At the time, his YouTube name was ‘Troye Sivan 18’. I quickly made my own YouTube channel so that I could subscribe to his channel and comment on how much I love his voice and tell him what a sweet guy he is. I also saw that he was on MySpace so I made a MySpace account so that I could keep up with him and send him messages of praise and encouragement. I was so thrilled to get my first reply back from him saying how much he appreciated my email. I’m not a typical fan as I am one of his older fans. I am a mom of two sons, and I guess Troye reminded me of my youngest son and that was very endearing to me. I was on every social media that Troye was on and bought every music CD that he has put out. I became a member of a forum that was made for him and that is where I made a lot of friends that I, to this day, keep in touch with.”

“I was one of the recipients of the ‘Member of the Month’ awards and received a personally signed photo of Troye which I treasure very much. I became a Twitter follower as well and was overjoyed when he started following me. He’s referred to me as Softie Debbie, Debbie or Debbie from Canada. I would tweet him and would surprisingly get replies back from him!! I became a part of the first fan account on Twitter, called @TeamTroye. He has said I am his biggest fan on a few videos (which I treasure very much!) I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I send him birthday and holiday cards every year. Over the years of knowing Troye, I’ve had some health problems and now am not able to work and am on disability. Even on the hardest days, Troye has always been able to put a smile on my face. The first time I got on a plane, I tweeted him asking to wish me luck and he replied right back to me letting me know that I’ll be just fine. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. Even when I was about to have surgery (thanks to a fellow member of TeamTroye (Neil, who notified Troye of this), Troye had wished me well. Neil is also a long-time fan.”

“He was able to make Troye laugh the time that he got the swine flu, noting that ‘he being Jewish must be very upset about getting this type of flu. I guess he got quite a laugh over the joke and had cheered him up while he was sick. So you see, even though I haven’t met Troye, I feel very close to him because I know that he knows who I am. I love him so much for brightening up my days. It is my wish to meet him some day. I am flying across another country to see him in October! I can hardly believe it! I am fortunate enough to have a very generous sister (Joanne) who is flying me to see Troye’s show in San Francisco on October 16th.”

“Also, another loving sister of mine (Monique) has written a letter about how much I love Troye and how I would love to meet him. The letter was forwarded to Laurelle (Troye’s Mom) via TeamTroye on Twitter. Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much I love sweet Troye. It would mean the world to me if I could meet him so that I could give him the biggest hug and thank him for always putting a smile on my face and for helping so many young kids out there. I’ve said this before and will say it again; I will love him forever and always.”

Avery Laur | 15 | Wilmington, Delaware – “Troye has helped me so much in so many ways. I love him since he is very sweet and nice, and is just amazing. I was feeling down a lot when I realized that I was pansexual, but he helped me to accept my sexuality and be comfortable about it. He just makes me feel good in general.”

Sydney Hammerman | 13 | Houston, Texas – “I first listened to Troye when I heard “Youth” on the radio. That was in the fall of 2015, and I didn’t start exploring my sexuality until winter break 2015-2016. That’s when I realized I was bisexual (I would later go to pansexual which is what I currently identify as my sexuality.) I didn’t understand how powerful his music was until late one night around February. I ended up watching the Blue Neighborhood trilogy and I broke down. Almost the exact same story that happened with Troye and his boyfriend in the series happened with me and a person who was close to me (the parental issues and the death part didn’t happen.) But I felt as though somebody really knew what it was like to go through what I did. Although I’m not out publicly to family, my classmates, and etc. (some close friends know,)  I feel more proud than ever. Troye’s song “Heaven” is my favorite right now because I also don’t want to go to heaven unless I can be who I am. Thank you Troye for helping me blossom into the person I am today. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you October 24th, four days before I turn 14.”

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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