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We Spoke With Adam Lambert Fans To Find Out Why They Love Him So Much

If you don’t know who Adam Lambert is, you’ll know him now. When he released one of his latest singles, “Welcome To The Show,” part of what Adam added to the video’s YouTube description was:

I notice such diversity in my audiences when I’m on tour: Young, old, male, female, Trans, Gay, Straight, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and every beautiful in-between. The common bond is that they are all HUMAN BEINGS.

That’s just one of the many examples of what Adam Lambert stands for. He doesn’t let anything define him or anyone that he cares about (including his Glamberts.) He stands for LOVE. Adam’s Glamberts are some of the most loyal, supportive, and passionate fan bases we’ve ever seen. But what’s also amazing about his fans is that there are people of all ages from around the world who adore him.

CelebMix took the time to speak to some Adam Lambert fans from around the world, and this is what they had to say.

Mari | 30’s | Finland – “I fell in love with Adam first because of his voice. I can’t explain it, but his voice makes my soul vibrate. It’s a visceral reaction that I can’t resist. He also sings live, which you can’t take for granted these days in the music business. He has worked hard since he was a kid and trained his voice into a very unique and multifaceted instrument. He is a star, but he is also a human being.”

“Adam is a genuine, caring person who’s not afraid to be himself. His openness is something I admire and respect very much, and I have learned a lot from him. Adam’s personality is fascinating, he has so many sides to him, and he lets us fans see some of them. Having had the exciting chance and luck to actually meet with him twice, I’ve been humbled by his intense dedication to those brief moments of encounter. Of course, it’s a part his job and he must be tired at times but he doesn’t let that show, instead it feels like he’s there just for you. Not many people can do that, and it makes me respect him and be grateful of him even more”

“When I discovered Adam, I was recovering from a serious case of burnout. Thanks to Adam, his voice, music and him just being himself, I found joy in my life again and also got my love for music back, which I had lost for years when I first got ill. Thanks to him, I’ve also met many amazing people around the world which I can truly call my best friends and soul mates today. Thank you, Adam, for being you.”

Anna | 18 | Sweden – “I love Adam because he doesn’t care what people think of him, he has a heart of gold, and he love his Glamberts. His music makes me happy. He helped me when my favorite actor passed away. Since I became a Glambert, I dare to be myself, and I don’t give a damn what people think of me. I’ve got more confidence, and dare to disagree. It’s so much that Adam has changed in my life that I’m thankful for.”

Alexandra |  27 | Ukraine – “The first time I saw Adam Lambert, he was performing with Queen in Kiev back in 2012. I was captivated by his unimaginably strong voice and bright personality. He was what I’ve always been searching in an artist – originality, talent, and charisma. After I came home after the show, I listened to his first album, For Your Entertainment.”

“Every song touched my heart in a very special way. I was really depressed and hopeless at that time, and Adam’s lyrics helped me understand that life is beautiful, and it offers endless possibilities to all of us. He made me understand that love has no limits, no color, no orientation. He helped me to discover another side of me – strong, confident, and open-hearted. I’ve been supporting Adam since that day in 2012, and I’m extremely grateful to him for changing my life with his music.”

Ann Fisher | 64 | U.K. – “Adam is beautiful, sexy, funny, has a massive stage energy/presence,  and amazing vocals. Adam has turned me into a teenager. I’ve traveled all over Europe following him solo and with Queen, he is addictive!”

Oana Popa | 34 | Romania – “I saw him with Queen this year (June 21st) and got blown away. I did some research on YouTube and I fell in love with Adam’s talent, looks, voice, and the message he’s giving to us when he talks and in his lyrics. Since June 21st, I go to sleep and wake up smiling. I walk with my head up and I feel very happy inside, light and joyful.”

“I have to be honest, I’m not in love with him as a man, but more as the artist that he is. Because of his message, I am not afraid anymore to speak my mind no matter what I want to say or do. His best given advice was “fuck it.” So I think of that whenever I doubt myself and just say how I feel. He’s beautiful as hell and very talented. He could sing everything and I feel happy. I haven’t been happy for no reason in years. I am now and I intend to stay this way, as stupid as that sounds for people around me. I want to be happy for my own reasons, and Adam Lambert is the main reason at this point in my life. I bet it will stay like this because he isn’t going to stop making us happy. You go Adam Lambert, do what you’re best at.”

Julia Möller | 18 | Germany – “I just have loved Adam for some weeks because a friend of mine told me about him. At the first glance I wasn’t really impressed, but I gave him a chance and while listening to his songs I fell in love. Adam’s voice has such a warm vibes and I realized how wonderful he is. He is open-minded, kind, attractive, funny and so respectful and loving to himself and the world. Although I tried, I just can’t fully explain that feeling that he gives me and why or how much I love him so much.”

Natalia | 16 | Poland – “I love Adam Lambert because he’s very talented, his voice is amazing. He sings with Queen and I respect him for doing so. Singing with legends shows his bravery. He changed my life. I listen all his songs and watched all his interviews, and now I feel like I’m better person. I’m more tolerant and now I believe in myself and believe that my dreams can come true.”

Lana | 41 | New Jersey – “Adam Lambert has been my favorite singer for about 7 1/2 years, since American Idol Season 8 in 2009. At first it was his incredible voice that made me a huge fan. Once I learned more about Adam and saw what an amazing person he is, how he is always himself, how he always speaks his mind no matter what, and how he encourages his fans to do the same, I could tell that he was not like every other celebrity.”

“Adam has the most amazing voice in the world, but he is also a great person who is kind, caring, and does so much to help people with the charities he is apart of. He always stays humble and close to his friends that he’s had before his career. He always shows appreciation for everyone else’s music and is not only about himself. The first time I heard him live in concert I was amazed at how he even sounds better in person. His voice live is everything and he gives his all in every performance! I’ve been to many concerts, but have never heard a voice like his. I’ve gone to see as many of Adam’s concerts and events as I could in my area, including the ones he did with Queen.”

“Sometimes you meet celebrities and they are not at all what you thought they would be and you are disappointed. I was lucky enough to have met Adam four times, and each and every time he was just as nice as I thought he would be. He made sure that he pays attention to everything I said and made me feel like he cares about what I had to say. He even gave me a compliment and said he liked my shirt. That’s just the type of person he is.”

“Listening to his music makes me feel happy and I’m never as excited to hear any music as I am to hear his when he comes out with new music or a new project. The lyrics to all of his songs are so beautiful. In each song he shares a little piece of his life with us. I’ve also met so many great fans of his from all around the world that have so many great stories about how Adam has changed their lives for the better. Adam is just in a league of his own as a person and with his talent. He even remembered me when I met him two days in a row, which proves that he pays attention to his fans.”

Susan P. | 61 | Southern California – “I love Adam Lambert because his voice touches me, his showmanship entertains me, he is loyal to his friends and family, he’s kind, supportive, honest, and  inspirational. Legends like Brian May, Roger Taylor and Nile Rodgers love and respect him, and his light brings joy into my life.”

Denisa | 17 | Romania – “I heard about Adam last winter when a friend of mine asked me to go to a Queen concert. I didn’t know who he was before finding out that he was fronting Queen, so I started searching things about him out of curiosity. The first thing I found was that he was really hot, but after watching some interviews with him, I found out that he is an amazing man, funny, caring, down to earth and very talented as well.”

“It didn’t take long before I got obsessed with him and became a Glambert. I love him firstly because of who he is and then because of his music that always brings me in a good mood. He is so inspiring. All the things he did to get where he is right now is a proof that you can achieve what you want in life if you follow your dreams and taking risks is a big part of it. I love that he always finds time for his fans and he is so lovely and nice to everyone. The night when I touched his hand at the Queen concert was the best of my life and I hope that one day I will get the chance to meet him and tell him how much he means to me.”

Rebekka | 18 | Germany – ” I never really recognized Adam neither as an artist nor as person, but then my sister noticed him. At first glance (a few weeks ago) I didn’t really like Adam because of a wrong picture of him I had in my mind although I didn’t know him. My sister fell in love with him so I had to listen to songs and watch hundreds of pictures, interviews, etc.”

“So I had to admit that he isn’t the guy I thought he would be. While listening to “Underneath” and watching the gig where he cried I cried too. Those emotions he conveyed touched my heart and I had the feeling that I could see the true Adam in this song. And that’s how my story with Adam starts. Step-by-step I liked his songs more because of his really amazing voice, his touching lyrics, and an indescribable charm he spreads. As it should come, I love Adam now, including his music, appearance, and personality. It’s so great to see that he is truly himself, which is the best he can do. Adam is just cute, lovely, adorable, unbelievably talented, and a beautiful person.”

Ralu | 25 | Romania – “I love Adam because he’s the most inspirational artist and human being I know. His kindness, humbleness, and huge talent make me feel blessed and honored to be part of his generation. He is a role model and my daily source of joy, happiness and inspiration. I’m proud seeing how his career is continuously growing and how he keeps his feet on the ground, being the amazing human he is.”

“I can’t thank him enough for all the goodies he shares with us and also for the incredible opportunity of enjoying him live, five times so far. Also seeing him performing in Bucharest was truly a dream come true. I never expected to see him in my country. Still pinching myself! He has brought so much light to my life. I keep saying that his angelic voice is healing energy. I hope someday I will meet him and tell him in person how much I love, respect and appreciate him for everything he is and does. Thank you for everything Adam!”

Etta Finta | 65 | Toronto – “In Toronto I witnessed my very first live concert when Adam was performing with Queen, and I wrote this:

“For the moment the stage is empty, but it is a beautiful stage; a stage that is all decked out with golden and glittery lights. The atmosphere is electric with anticipation and excitement. The world is watching and waiting for the golden-throated singer to come out and sing his song with one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Here he comes folks. He’s tall, elegant, gorgeous and looking every inch of the super-star he truly is. He is dressed in golden clothes and bathed in glittery starlight. Wherever he goes these days his star shines ever more brightly. It is with good reason too. For this star sings like an angel; his voice is clear, exquisitely and poignantly beautiful. It is a voice that engages the senses. This star can illicit tears, joy and laughter with his remarkable voice. This voice soars and reaches out to heaven and nirvana. Tonight he sings his heart out with only one song. The star is searching for “Somebody to Love” and by the time he is finished he needn’t search anymore because now the whole wide world has really and truly fallen in love with Adam Lambert’s very special kind of magic.”

“I was very excited. I was very happy because for the longest time I have loved this man and his voice. I could listen to him forever and so far, forever has lasted five years. My passion for him never diminishes. In fact, it goes stronger and I have never stopped loving the fact that I gave my heart to him all those many years ago.”

“Aside from Adam’s magnificent vocal performances, there is his sensitivity, his compassion and his commitment to honor himself. I love his candid honesty. I love that he is true to who he is. I love that he enjoys life to the fullest. I love that he pours his heart and soul into music. Music is everything to Adam and I think I love him the most for this because I love music too. Adam is a magical man. He weaves a very special kind of magic with his magnificent voice and with his endearing personality. It’s no wonder I love him so.”

Jessi | 16 | Cologne, Germany – “I love Adam Lambert not only because his looks or his voice, but because he gives all so much love and courage. He supports so many people and he is always honest and says his opinion. This encourages so many of us. I just love his way of talking with others. His laugh and his humor make us so happy.”

“And he gives all so much strength and energy with his voice. If I am sad, I just look at him and his smile and then I forget my problems. He has changed my life because I have learned so much from him. I learn more from him everyday. He says that other opinions about you don’t matter. You should believe in you and love yourself. That helped me every time and made me stronger. And if I see that he is happy, I am Happy too. With my Glamily and him, I always have someone who can hold me. And I am so thankful for that.”

Dusty Lynn | 29 | Indianapolis, Indiana – “I love Adam because his songs have not only inspired me, but they’ve saved my life. His song “Aftermath” saved my life and his songs continue to inspire me to keep fighting and to be a better person. I have liked him since he was on Idol and got the chance to see him live earlier this year on The Original High Tour. I met him that night as well and he was so kind. I told him how his music saved my life and he smiled and listened with a look of caring and almost adoration.

“He said he was glad I was still here. He then hugged me for a second time and said he hoped I enjoyed the show that night. I did, without question. During a few songs he looked over and it was like he was looking right at me. He has a way of making a personal connection with people. He is a true example of a great artist and a wonderful human being. He inspires us all to be accepting and courageous. I know I wouldn’t be here without him and I’ll never be able to thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do.”

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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