Review:We went to The Spice Up London, Spice Girls Exhibition and we loved it

We recently got a sneak peek at The Spice Up London, Spice Girls Exhibition and we absolutely loved it.

The Spice Up London exhibition is the creation of Super Spice Girl Merch collector Alan Smith-Allison, who became a fan of the Spice Girls at the age of 15 and started to collect their merch. The exhibition features over 300 costumes from the Spice Girls videos and performances over the years both as a band and as solo artists.

It features many iconic costumes and merchandise from the 90’s. Including all the Pepsi Merchandise, dolls,  Walkers Crisps and Cadbury’s chocolate. There is even a bedroom full of merch. it makes you realise just how big the band were in the 90’s ( think like 1D for a more recent comparison).

Alan also reckons that of bands similar to The Spice Girls,  Little Mix is on their way to being as iconic as the Spice Girls were (in their own way unique way) and that their costumes are just as cool as those of the Spice Girls.

What we found fascinating was when you look back at the Spice Girls costumes, just how many became fashion trends in the 90’s and now becoming trendy again.

The exhibition charts the bands rise from the early Wannabe days through to the world tours, Spice world the movie and the Olympic performance in 2012.

It includes over 350 costumes which the girls wore on video shoots, promo campaigns, albums and tours etc.

Below are some of our faves:


Say You’ll Be There


Two Become One

Mama/ Who Do You Think You Are


Spice Up Your Life



SpiceUP is at Business Design Centre from July 28 – August 20. Before moving on to Manchester! For more information and to book tickets which are only £10 visit the venue’s website

It is a MUST SEE for any Spice Girls fan.

Which outfit is your fave and which Spice Girl song did you love? Let us know at @CelebMix!



Written by Kelly McFarland

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