Weirdest Things Ever Happened in Casinos

A casino is a convenient place for the average bettor. While playing a $5 minimum deposit casino, they can eat and drink. There’s a good chance that you’ve tried to sleep while you’re at the casino, but it’s not a requirement. There have been several other incidents that have occurred in land-based casinos as well.

You can’t play at an online casino like you can at a brick-and-mortar casino. You’ll see a wide range of other activities taking place in these establishments, some of which you wouldn’t expect. Here are some weird casino stories.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened? Is there anything you can think of that has happened? Please join us as we examine some of the most bizarre occurrences that have occurred in a casino. They include such cases as:

  • swallowing money
  • little guys
  • evil spirits
  • big brothers
  • pissing on the seats
  • deaths

Literally Swallowing the Money

A variety of strange and unusual events can be encountered by casino security guards during their work. A security guard at a casino in Nairobi, Kenya, was killed in a savage crime spree. At the roulette table, one gambler spread his money across many numbers. He lost all his bets despite good odds, which he didn’t handle well.

They were able to get their winnings before the dealer could. After being cornered, the man put the paper money into his mouth and tried to swallow it!

Two guards were needed to bring him down and force him to spill the cash. The security guards didn’t throw away the dirty bills. Instead, they put them back on the roulette table. When the dealer called for a cleaner, she showed up with an electric fan in hand.

At this point, the money was drying quickly in front of a fan, and play was restarted. There was no more information found on the offending man. The same is true in Macau’s casinos.

Slot Machines and the Little Guy

Superstitions are often cited as the reason for gambling establishments and casinos being built. A lot of gamblers bring good luck charms to the casino in the hopes that they will bring them luck. It’s understandable, and many people use good luck charms.

A person who thinks the slot machine game is real will have a hard time believing otherwise. It’s up to that little guy whether a slot player gets paid for a spin.

Her arm was grabbed by a security officer in order to get him to notice her. She told him to tell the slot machine to let her win by looking at him. Because slot machines are inanimate, they don’t respond to commands.

The woman agreed and said she was aware. She told the security guard to give her the slot machine’s little man.

Despite the guard’s attempts to discredit her, the woman insisted she had found ruthless casino operations and little men in every slot machine. She owed money as a result of her compulsive habit of playing the same slot machine over and over again.

The guard had to call a technician to open the slot machine to prove it was empty. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the lady is still enraged by the slot machine payouts to this day.

Evil Spirits

Due to the belief in ghosts and demons, there have been few deaths linked to gambling establishments in the past. Gamblers are said to be protected from evil spirits according to folklore. According to the casino employee, a roulette player was having a great time. 

When the dealer threw the ball into the wheel, the man would hurl salt into an ashtray. The casino worker was curious about his routine. Response? He was warding off evil spirits to increase his roulette winnings. 

Big Brother Is on the Lookout

A croupier came across a man who appeared to be aware that he was being observed. After spending $56,000 at a casino, he contacted security via CCTV to report his losses.

He wasn’t intoxicated, as the croupier only saw him sipping soft drinks while he was playing the roulette wheel. He stared into the camera lens and swore at the security team operating them. It was claimed that the roulette balls had magnets in them and that each round was predetermined. A sense of panic was set off when he noticed the CCTV cameras swivelling.

The angry gambler smashed the camera with an ashtray. He was escorted from the casino as per the standard procedure for his own safety. Before that, he probably gave the security guards hours of entertainment. Similar incidents, it appears, occurred in Dutch casinos.

Seating Issues

A casino employee remembers a middle-aged woman who frequented the gambling establishment in fancy clothes.

She would play a slot machine and then move on. And so on. Many gamblers switch machines when things go wrong.

This middle-aged woman was different. She’d sit at a slot machine as long as she could before urinating on it. Unknown if the player was too focused on the game or had bladder issues.

The worker at the casino remembers that she wet six seats in one session. It was necessary for the casino to replace those seats because they were damaged.

She was still a regular at the casino. The casino let her do it because she was a regular customer. They let her pee on the seats because she’d spent so much money there.

We’re not sure if such spending is acceptable. She might have bought new seats with the money she won at the casino.

Death Scene in the 1950s

In the 1950s, London made it illegal to gamble, but that didn’t stop some bad people. Someone claimed their great grandfather worked for a criminal organisation disguised as an exclusive gentlemen’s club while they were young.

A group of men entered the casino one night, and one of them passed out from drinking. His friends put him on a chaise lounge to sleep off his drunken episode while they played poker.

Two hours later, they found their friend not breathing. Despite the fact that his demise had been verified, no one wanted to take a chance after that. As a result, members of the staff, including the great grandfather of the storyteller, carried his body to the gentlemen’s club across the street. Someone later found him dead in a chair where he was left.

The dead man’s bullet missed the underground casino.

These stories are only some of the popular ones. You will probably hear many of them once you become a regular player in casinos. Some of them are true, but others are questionable. In spite of these tales, players continue to partake in their preferred casino games.

Written by Monella