Welcome New Girl: Zooey Deschanel Reveals Baby’s Name

Zooey Deschanel got married sometime in July in complete secrecy. Her husband, Jacob Pechinik, not only tied the not with the New Girl star but the couple had a baby around the same time as the wedding.

Since their marriage and birth of a child, many wondered about the little one’s name. I don’t think anyone thought that Zooey and Jacob hadn’t thought of a name or where still playing around with different ideas (though wouldn’t that be so Jess)? Three months of silence is a long time.

Fear not, on Wedsnday, the couple informed People Magazine that their daughters name is Elsie Otter. “Like the animal,” said Deschanel. “Sea Otter,” elaborated her husband. There you have it — their now three-month-old baby girl is fit with a name. And in other great news, Deschanel’s new movie, Rock the Kasbah, looks to be an absolute blast.

Written by CelebMix