Six reasons why we love Cheryl

Cheryl Tweedy. Cheryl Cole. Cheryl Fernandez Versini. From council estate girl to member of Girls Aloud, X Factor judge to an arena-filling solo act…. Cheryl’s been through a lot, and we love her for it all. Here, we give you six reasons why we think Cheryl is a babe.

She’s bloody gorgeous

Where other style icons come and go, Cheryl consistently reinvents herself and always has us in awe of her style. She’s fronted campaigns for the likes of Loreal and covered every magazine in the UK, too. Can we be her!?

Seven reasons why we love Cheryl 1

She’s an amazing judge and mentor


Cheryl is probably best known for her role on The X Factor UK. While she’s been criticized for her pay packet and booted off the US version of the show, she’s always been our favourite judge. Not only is she funny and witty, she’s mentored some amazing talent and truly cares about her acts.

She has her own charity

Being such a successful act has made Cheryl millions, but she’ll always remember her roots. Cheryl launched Cheryl’s Trust to help young people realise their potential and get their lives back on track. She’s recently collaborated with Greggs to raise funds for the charity.Seven reasons why we love Cheryl 1

Her music is amazing

Not only was Cheryl a member of Girls Aloud, she’s also released four chart-topping albums and a string of singles we bop to. But it’s not only the singles that are amazing tracks. Album-only songs such as Girl in the Mirror, Sexy Den a Mutha, Rain on Me and Fight On prove she’s a force to be reckoned with.

She’s real

We’re sick to death of fake celebrities who aren’t genuine with their fans. Cheryl’s the opposite. She’s real, and she’s not only lived her life in the public eye, but she’s been brutally honest about her experiences. Take her Piers Morgan interview, for example, where she broke down into tears at several occasions. Cheryl knows who she is and she isn’t afraid to be real. That’s why we love her.

She puts on a bloody good live show

Yes, she’s criticized for using playback or pre-recording performances, but Cheryl knows how to put on a great show. Below, we’ve chosen one of our favourite Cheryl performances ever… her Intro performance to her UK sellout tour, the A Million Lights Tour. GO GURL!

Written by CelebMix