Wesley Stromberg Releases Two New Songs

After being part of the pop trio Emblem3, Wesley Stromberg is taking off and starting his solo career in a strong way. Sticking with his first name, WESLEY, the 24-year-old is back and ready to take on the music industry as a solo artist. After releasing his debut single, “Remedy” and it being such a success, Stromberg just released his latest two new singles, yes that’s right, two songs in one day. The songs are called “1000 Ways” and “One Shot.”
“One Shot” shows off his falsetto as he sings over a simple guitar strum in the chorus. Singing about being careful with whom you fall in love, because how a person looks isn’t the only thing that matters in a relationship. WESLEY explains to us what “One Shot” is about, “The message behind ‘One Shot’ is to be careful who you fall in love with,” WESLEY says. “CHOOSE WISLEY! I made the mistake of giving my heart to someone for the wrong reasons. I was infatuated with beauty on the outside while ignoring her inside motives, where she turned out to be fueled by social climbing and other superficial goals,” WESLEY shares. “We both should have known better, and in the end we both lost.”

The second song, “1000 Ways” shows a different side, a more confused, hopeless romantic WESLEY that we don’t see in “One Shot.” Telling his experience of loving someone but unfortunately the person he loves doesn’t reciprocate the love back. WESLEY shares with us what the message behind “1000 Ways” is, “While it may seem like another love song at first glance, 1000 Ways for me actually plays with the concept of the one that got away. I was with an amazing girl who I was madly in love with and would do everything and anything for,” WESLEY explains. “But sometimes even when you find you keep giving and giving your love, it in the end just isn’t reciprocated. “I love you 1000 ways and you only know one.” We eventually separated because of it. Love is a two way street. Perhaps one day that person will love you back, or perhaps it’s time to move on.”

Both songs have similar messages, as WELSEY explains why he decided to release both songs on the same day. “Releasing both at the same time was completely planned. I really feel like they go well together while showing two different sides/sounds of me as an artist; One Shot more pulling from today’s modern trap and chill pop vibes, and 1000 Ways pulling from my pop punk roots. They also complement Remedy, my lead single, in contrasting ways accordingly. I’ll probably do this type of dual-release again in the future. Sometimes two is better than one! They also foreshadow the variety of sounds to come on the full length album being released later this year. Cant wait for the rest of the album!!”

WESLEY is about to embark on his tour. You can purchase tickets to his tour here.


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Written by Will Heffernan