What A Feeling, One Direction

It seems that the surprises – and early release songs – aren’t slowing down for the boys of One Direction and their fans.

With just two days left until their album release; Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall have released  What A Feeling and it’s got a bit of a Fleetwood Mac style to it.  It’s definitely the kind of song you vibe to and soon find yourself dancing without even realizing you’d started.

What A Feeling, One Direction 1

The beat of this song is a bit different than what fans have heard from One Direction before but it’s one that suits them incredibly.  Their vocals are perfectly pitched and accompanied by a few small – but well timed runs that Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis blow our minds with.

Somehow every new song we hear gets better than the last! 

What A Feeling is a weekend song.  It’s a Friday getting off work and knowing the only thing you have to do for the next couple days is be completely enveloped in the person who makes your knees weak.  It’s sending them a text saying you can’t wait to see them later with a selfie attached showing a wink.  It’s the song you set your Saturday morning alarm to wake you up with, the song you jog to with a smile across your face.  It’s the song girls listen to when they’re painting their lips and the boys listen to as they’re driving to meet up with their dates.

It’s the song you play in the car when you’re snogging in the backseat because the drinks at the bar made it impossible to keep your hands off of each other.  It’s the feeling that takes over your body when your hands find their hips after you’ve managed to get through the door of your apartment and the possibilities for the night seem endless.

It’s the song you play Sunday morning when you’re dancing around their kitchen in their ratty old t-shirt making breakfast that you can carry back to bed.  It’s the song you listen to as you kiss lazily like time will stop for you because the way you feel together is that important.

It’s the song you hear on the radio the next Tuesday and suddenly you’re calling their number just to hear their voice because it’s the only sound in the world you want to hear.  It’s the song that reminds you that you were hooked the moment you saw them – you never stood a chance.

What A Feeling is a fun love song. 

What A Feeling, One Direction 2

“What a feeling to be right here beside you now?

holding you in my arms.  

When the air ran out and we both started running wild?

The sky fell down?

But you’ve got stars in your eyes

And I’ve got something missing tonight?What a feeling to be a king beside you, somehow?

I wish I could be there now”

The song is definitely one you’ll have in your head; one you’ll hear on the radio (please!!!!) and one you’ll always relate back to good memories.  Out of a list of tracks that have – so far – talked about missed love, lost love, true love, and love that hurts but is impossible to let go of; it’s nice to hear a track that showcases how sometimes love is just exciting.  Love doesn’t always have to be heavy, sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything but a catchy backbeat with lyrics you’ll never forget.

What A Feeling is the lipstick stained coffee cup that you see on your sink when she leaves; the one you wash but don’t put away because you know she’ll be coming back.  It’s the tie you find on your bedroom floor that you put on your nightstand until the next time he walks in your door and loses something else.

This is a banger lads; definitely a fan favorite!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.