What are the 5 Seconds of Summer boys teasing us with this time?

As everyone well knows, the 5SOSFam are a pretty calm bunch. There isn’t much drama amongst us, and when there is, most of us are usually pretty level-headed about it. But the exception comes in the form of new music – and when it comes to new music, the 5 Seconds of Summer boys have a good tease with it. Everything started when Calum posted a cryptic photo to his Instagram, of a screen with a broken heart being held together by a safety pin, with the band account quickly following suit. Then the band account tweeted the same photo. Along with this image, the 5ONTHEWALL website has a countdown, counting down to some time on July 15th. Between the boys, John Feldman and some other collaborating artists, the following phrases, seemingly song lyrics, have been leaked:

“We’re alright though”

“My shrink is telling me I got crazy dreams”

“If you could love me again I could let go of everything”

“My friend left college cause it felt like a job, his mum and dad think he’s a slob”

Along with the leaked lyrics, the 5ONTHEWALL website had some more secrets. There was a fill-in-the-blank clue, uncovering the word “hotdog”, which, once added to the website URL, led to a sticker saying “She’s Kinda Hot – Out Now” for sale. And if that’s not confusing enough, the boys also left a message of beeps on the website, which turned out to be Morse code for “Sometimes I’m feeling like I’m going insane”, which also seem like song lyrics. A second Morse code message was released, translating to “Crash. Hello? What?? Watch this space.” The latest development included a message left in binary code, hidden in the source code of the website and translating to “My neighbour told me that I got bad brains”. And then Joel Madden, from Good Charlotte and the Madden Brothers, tweeted “2 days till #SKH is out @5SOS” before quickly deleting it.

Now the 5ONTHEWALL website is broadcasting a new video, showing scenes from around the world of different countries in an apparent panic because this safety pinned heart has shown up everywhere, covering national monuments. No one knows what’s happening. I really hope 5SOS is releasing new music because I don’t think I can wait any longer. Then again, these boys just don’t know how to release things normally. Seriously though – what other band releases a lyric video by rappelling down the side of a building with their faces projected on it in superhero costumes? Honestly boys. We’re all dying. Everyone’s just lying on the floor sobbing and eating pizza, just like we do when Michael dyes his hair again. Which he’s apparently going to do again soon. Everyone start preparing yourself.

Let us know what you think about 5SOS and their countdown – new song? New video? Movie release? Who knows with them?


Written by CelebMix