What Celebrities Are Making The Headlines For Gambling

There is no denying that celebrities live a different lifestyle than what most are accustomed to. They are not only afforded the best of the best, but they have access to some of the most exclusive clubs and games. This means that when they gamble they can afford to bet much higher stakes than the regular individual and this is something that Vegas eats up. Nonetheless, celebrities affinity for gambling has lead to some incredible stories over the years. Everything from multimillion-dollar wagers to exclusive underground poker rings and even gambling scandals have rocked celebrity news. Some of these stories have managed to make their way to the headlines and they are almost too unreal to be believed.

Can Ben Affleck Really Count Cards?

It is no secret that Ben Affleck has always had a penchant for poker. However, it seems that back in 2014 he developed a thing for blackjack. And, who would have known that he possessed quite the skill? Back in 2014, there were some news reports that were released that said that Affleck was doing so well at blackjack that the managers at Vegas’ Hard Rock asked him to play another game. They also accused him of counting cards, but there was no way to prove this to be a fact. Unfortunately, this only later became a nightmare for Ben because his gambling habit started to affect his family life in a very negative fashion. A TMZ report showed just how bad things had gotten between him and the wife. The rumors were denied, but it has been rumored that this is what lead to their split in 2015.

Winning Big Underground With Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire was involved in one of the biggest gambling stories ever to be released. This was a story that was too good to be true. It involved an underground poker ring in combination with millions of dollars worth of bets along with some high named Hollywood A-listers like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey Maguire. The reason this story eventually came to light is that an LA-based hedge fund manager by the name of Brad Ruderman lost $35 million and his former clients sued him to recoup their losses. Maguire was one of the key defendants because he was one of the biggest winners. It was reported by a new source that Maguire has won as much as $40 million that night. This scandal was later turned into a movie called Player X. It has been said that Maguire was the character played by Michael Cera.

Breaking Records With Michael Phelps

There is no denying that Michael Phelps is a phenomenal swimmer. He has smashed almost every Olympic and competitive swimming record to date. He holds the records for the most Olympic medals, gold medal, and overall individual Olympic medals. With such a natural ability and passion for competition it is easy to understand why the world got so excited when he took to the poker tables. He began his journey by joining several tournaments in 2010. Most people thought that he would get a sponsorship deal with a major online poker site like login sbobet and further the popularity of the online aspect of the game. However, that was not the case and Phelps merely stated that he played more for fun than anything else. As of right now, Phelps has won almost $10 thousand in six different tournaments and he still continues to make regular appearances.

Betting With Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to controversy or creating a spectacle. In fact, his fights were amongst some of the biggest drawing fights because most people wanted to see him get beat. This in combination with his natural talent and he was able to amass a $400 million net worth throughout his career. There is no denying that this money has provided him with the ability to garner some of the biggest bets in the world. It looks like he has even had some luck on his side. It was reported that in 2013 he won almost $6 million by betting on the Heat during the playoffs. He even was able to cover the spread. It was also reported that Floyd wagered $10 million on the 2014 Super Bowl game where the Broncos lost to the Seahawks. It was reported that Mayweather lost this wager, which he still continues to deny to this day.

Written by CelebMix