What celebrities do with themselves when they age gracefully

Some Hollywood stars seem to have paused time, continuing to delight the public with their beauty. In this article, we will get acquainted with the secrets of Hollywood beauties.

Monica Bellucci

The beauty of Monica Bellucci does not fade over the years: at 57, she is still the same bright, attractive, and feminine. The actress claims that she is not afraid to grow old and, admittedly, her position is more than fair – years suit her. Bellucci has repeatedly commented to the press that she never resorted to the help of plastic surgeons. Flabbiness in the neck, asymmetry of the eyebrows, and multiple wrinkles on the face – all these prove that her words are true.

However, by the absence of wrinkled folds on the forehead, full expressive lips, and cheekbones, it can be assumed that the actress still resorted to Botox injections and fillers. The rest of Monica’s beauty secrets lie in successful genetics and systematic personal care – she regularly does salon procedures. Salon care, which she prefers, is polishing, peeling, massaging, and nourishing face masks. Massage is one of the favorite procedures of all celebrities. With its help, the nervous system rests, the skin is tightened, and the muscles rest after training, concerts, or filming. Celebrities go to the most famous SPA centers, where real professionals work. Massage can be of various types – relaxing, sports, anti-cellulite, and others. MASSAGE DUBAI is in great demand among famous personalities.

Demmy Moor

It’s hard to believe that she is almost 60 years old. Demi looks amazing, and she is undoubtedly lucky with the genes, thanks to which many age-related changes on her face are less noticeable than those of her peers. However, behind the perfect appearance of the actress is also the competent work of plastic surgeons.

The first operation that the actress decided on was at a young age – this is rhinoplasty. Moore also did facial contouring and two mammoplasties. Among anti-aging plastic surgeries: are blepharoplasty, lifting of the lower third of the face and neck, and removal of Bish’s lumps.

In connection with the latter, the actress became the subject of high-profile public discussions, because the operation played a cruel joke on the actress – dips in the cheekbones and the “left” lip line spoiled Demi’s appearance. At this age, it is not recommended to operate to remove Bish’s lumps, since the natural process of losing the volume of adipose tissue can lead to just such unpleasant consequences.

However, Demi Moore still looks great and it’s hard not to admit it. The actress does everything to maintain her attractiveness. Moore regularly visits a beautician and takes care of her face at home. One of my favorite treatments is a facial massage with a rose quartz butterfly scraper. Demi claims that such a massage seems to lift the skin and also is one of the ways to relax.

The actress’s hair is a separate admiration. There is no particular secret: celebrities do not dry them with a hairdryer and try not to resort to hot styling and also rinse their hair with water with basil decoction. For the sake of the figure, she has long abandoned meat, excluded alcohol from the diet, and eats exclusively healthy food – a lot of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Helen Mirren

Aging beautifully and with dignity is the rule followed by 77-year-old actress Helen Mirren. She sincerely believes that old age is an inevitable process, you need to realize this and come to terms. 

If we compare photos of the actress at different ages, it can be noted that there are traces of plastic surgery on her face. For example, blepharoplasty and a SMAS facelift. Also, an operation was performed to rejuvenate the neck and lower third of the face. But it is worth emphasizing that plastic interventions are performed very carefully with maximum preservation of true facial features.

The beauty of Helen Mirren, despite her age, lies in accepting herself for who she is, in a discreet and elegant style of clothing and a well-groomed appearance. The actress admits that exhausting sports in the gym and proper nutrition are not for her, but the habit of drawing in her stomach and a 12-minute course of exercises for all muscle groups, developed by doctors in 1950 for the Canadian Air Force, help her keep the body in good shape.

Helen assures that she does not carry out special daily facial skin care, but she loves cosmetics and often tries new products, believes in pharmacy products, and uses them with pleasure.

Summing up, plastic surgery aside, the main ways to keep stars young are proper nutrition, enough sleep, sports activities, massage, skincare, and self-acceptance.

Written by Monella