What Did Zoey Say?

“His name is Chase Matthews.”

The Nineties Kids have been waiting 10 years for this very moment.

@DanWarp:  There’s quite the fun little surprise coming today. I’m smiling just thinking about the reaction. Stay tuned, y’all… ;)

Dan Schneider was being very secretive on Friday September 18, sending several tweets with little hints as to what the “little surprise” could possibly be.

His last tweet before the big reveal read:

@DanWarp: I was just told LESS THAN ONE HOUR FROM NOW. It’s on its way! Here’s one last hint: It’s been 10 years. You’ve waited long enough :)

The moment #WhatDidZoeySay premiered, the world exploded.

Zoey and Chase had a very close friendship on the show. Sparks occasionally flew, making the viewers wonder if there would ever be more. What Did Zoey Say answers a lot of the questions that were drifting through the minds of Zoey 101 fans.

Zoey 101 may be an old show, but it will forever be gold. PCA is a school all of the Nineties Kids felt at home. Not to mention Zoey and Chase being everyone’s OTP.

The last episode of the beloved show left on a small cliffhanger, leaving loyal viewers to question what happened to the relationships between the PCA friends and Zoey and Chase.

In What Did Zoey Say, we find Chase getting ready to propose to his girlfriend of two years before Michael interrupts the meeting. Perfect timing, Michael.

What Michael reveals to Chase will blow your mind.

Watch the video below and sees what happens next. Let’s see what Zoey had to say.

Written by Laura Huynh

California gal studying media and entertainment at UC Berkeley. Big fan of music, and big believer in Fate. Feel free to call me, beep me at laurahuynh17@gmail.com or @laurahuynh. xx