What do celebrities get up to when they’re not working?

The chances are that, when you think about your favourite celebrities, you imagine their private lives to be filled with luxuries like expensive five-star holidays, endless parties and celebrations, and the constant flow of alcohol. But when they’re not filming the next blockbuster movie or recording a song in the studio, some of the world’s most famous celebs are just like you and me. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the things our favourite stars get up to in their spare time.

Work on their bodies

Fitness is a big deal for most people, but even more so for the stars who step out onto the red carpet and face the scrutiny of magazines and fashion journalists. Stars are often papped coming out of their local gym, or heading for a run around central London. YouTuber Alfie Deyes even records his personal trainer sessions for his daily vlogs to give us an insight into just how hard he works to keep his body in shape, giving us all some inspiration to hit the treadmill.

Play bingo

Yes, really! Some of our favourite celebrities, including Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gary Barlow all put their eyes down for a full house and enjoy a game of bingo in their spare time. According to Wink Bingo, Welsh opera star Catherine managed to win an eye-watering £100,000 in a single night when playing, proving that you really can earn a small fortune in a bingo hall. And, if you don’t have the time or inclination to visit your local hall, you can also enjoy a game of bingo online with your friends. There’s no excuse not to get involved and have fun!

Update their wardrobes

One of the best things about being an A-List celebrity is access to an unlimited wardrobe fund, and the help of top fashion designers and personal assistants to keep you looking your best. If there’s one thing celebrities love doing in their downtime, it’s spending money on new clothes. And it’s not just female stars who are stocking up on little black dresses and designer jewellery – famous men are also notorious for splashing the cash to look their best. U2’s Bono spent an incredible $1,700 on flying his favourite hat over to him when he left it in another country. Wow.

Spend time on social media

When celebrities aren’t in the gym, playing bingo or shopping for new clothes, then the chances are that they’re spending time on social media. With some stars having more than 100 million followers, there’s a lot of pressure to keep their channels up-to-date and keep their fans in the loop. Plus, some reality TV stars get paid to promote products and services, so Twitter and Instagram can turn into an additional revenue stream to keep their bank balance looking healthy.

There you have it – four things that our favourite celebrities love getting up to when they’re not at work. Which of these are you most envious of? Let us know on Twitter using @CelebMix.

Written by digidog sigi