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Joanna Borov: What is a top model’s morning routine?

As a Polish-born model ruling the fashion industry and a successful entrepreneur, Joanna Borov never fails to impress us with her resume. The attractive blonde won Miss Motors F1 and debuted in prestigious fashion shows, including Paris Fashion Week. We have also seen her on the cover of luxurious magazines such as Marie Claire, Playboy, and Vogue. Growing in a business-oriented family, she inherited a work ethic that has helped her become a successful entrepreneur. 

Many women would like to know more about the morning routine of a successful and beautiful model. In this post, we share the secrets to achieving success across different industries while still maintaining your beauty and wellbeing. 

Physical activity 

Being a model is a tricky profession, which requires you to adjust your lifestyle. According to Joanna, the competition is high in the modeling world. If you want to succeed, you need to keep your looks according to the industry’s standards. Hence, her morning routine is adjusted to maintain a perfect physique. 

When it comes to starting the day, Joanna Borov reveals that she is a morning person. She wakes up around 6 to 7 a.m and gets to her first task for her to-do list right away. The top model is a huge fan of intermittent fasting, which means that she skips her breakfast and gets to her physical activities for more flexibility. Her morning routine starts with yoga or fitness, which helps her find inner peace and prepare for the day ahead. Yoga is an excellent activity for a gentle wake-up, so she likes to do breathing techniques for relaxation. 

In some cases, the famous model likes to switch this with more intense activities such as swimming or hiking. She also walks her dog Chi Chi Boo every morning.  The alone times let her reconnect with herself and get ready for the busy day ahead. Joanna likes to dress in comfy and enjoy her morning physical activity, regardless if it is outdoors or indoors. 

Skincare routine

Every woman should have a proper skincare routine that helps her preserve her beauty. Joanna highlights the importance of using a good SPF cream, especially when enjoying outdoor activities. The cream offers protection and keeps her skin looking plump and young. Also, she likes to give her skin rest from using heavy makeup products. Working as a model means that you have to wear makeup all the time, which can harm your skin. Hence, she loves to go out with no makeup on to let her skin breathe. 


While she admits that a good moisturizer does wonders, nothing will hydrate your skin more than water. During sleep, the body loses liquid, so drinking a generous amount of water is the key to feeling energetic and ready to seize the day. Adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice is her secret trick to make the water taste better and feel awake even in the early morning hours. 


Joanna is a Pisces, so she finds peace and tranquility in water. This is why she enjoys working by the beach. The flexibility of her online work gives her enough freedom to work from anywhere she wants. She often stays at friendly beach hotels to enjoy the sight and get motivated to finish her work. 

Joanna is a busy entrepreneur involved in her family’s medical business, owns business for organic baby clothes and toys and recently she created a clothing line for women Jo Borov. Also, Joanna supports different charities.

Written by Monella