What is Greyson Chance’s Snapchat?

Snapchat’s now a widely known and used social media app used to of course, send what the users call “Snaps” to other users. They start “streaks”, share Snaps on their Snapchat stories and well, it’s a pretty amazing app if you ask us.

Greyson Chance, a talented, gifted and young American singer and songwriter who deserves more recognition. He appeared on The Ellen Show at age 12 after posting a video of him singing Paparazzi by his idol, Lady Gaga. That’s where he found his way to stardom. He then released his Somewhere Over My Head EP in year 2016, at age 18. Give him a listen and you may remember the male with the baby face with a voice of an angel.

Greyson is indeed an artist you should be following on Snapchat! What’s his username?

You can follow Greyson Chance on Snapchat using greysonchance.

Who else should you be following on Snapchat?

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Written by Ariana Khoo

@moonchildontcry on twitter | malaysian student who loves ed sheeran, bts, got7 and ateez.