What is Pentatonix’s Snapchat?

We’re still loving Snapchat and are constantly finding more celebrities to add and keep an eye on. To make it even easier for you to access their snaps too we’ve created the CelebMix Snapchat Bible! The latest addition to it is The Sing Off winners and American acapella group Pentatonix. With their unique covers of some of our favourite tracks, we’re hooked on their sound which focuses solely on their individual and group vocal talent. This online phenomenon is one not to miss on Snapchat as you keep up to date with the magic behind the covers which you see over on their YouTube.

What is Pentatonix’s Snapchat?

Pentatonix’s Snapchat username is Ptxsnap

Who else should you follow on Snapchat?

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Our Snapchat Bible is constantly being added to, so if you have any ideas or spot any mistakes please tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by Nicola Craig

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