What is PVRIS’ Snapchat?

Here at CelebMix, we know that it can be difficult trying to find all your favourite celebrities Snapchat usernames, which is why we’ve made the CelebMix Snapchat Bible! It’s got over 100 names in it so far and we’re always adding to it, so be sure to check back regularly.ave

PVRIS have only recently made their Snapchat so we’re excited to see what content they post. We’re hoping for some live coverage and maybe some behind the scenes of what the band get up to!

What is PVRIS’ Snapchat?

You can follow PVRIS on Snapchat by using thisispvris.

Who else should you follow on Snapchat?

Well, we may not be a super cool band, but we have a Snapchat too. You can follow us by using CelebMix. We post regularly with snaps of live events we’re at, concerts and the occasional staff selfie – be sure to follow so you don’t miss out!

If you spot a mistake on our Snapchat Bible, then be sure to tweet us so we can change it as soon as possible.

Written by Georgia Brown

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