What is Ross Lynch’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is a worldwide phenomenon that has enabled people to connect with each other easily and quickly. Many celebrities have taken advantage of this application to interact with fans and to give an inside scoop on their everyday lives. What celebrities are on snapchat? Well, you can check out our Snapchat Bible to find out.

Among these many celebrities on Snapchat, is Ross Lynch. Ross is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He has really got it all! As far as acting goes, Ross is most famous for his appearances on Disney Channel. He plays Austin in the TV show, Austin & Ally, and he played Brady in the Teen Beach Movie series. Most recently, he has announced that he will play ‘young Jeffrey Dahmer’ in the movie My Friend Dahmer (2017). 

In contrary to acting, Ross Lynch the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the band R5. Ross has had lots of success with his solo career singing on different soundtracks and releasing his own songs, however, he has found the most success with his family band, R5.

Why add Ross on Snapchat? Good question. You should add Ross to get in on his daily life! Whether it’s funny videos of some crazy antics, selfies, or pre/during/post show pictures, his snaps will for sure keep you entertained.

What is Ross Lynch’s Snapchat?

Ross’s snapchat username is ledcorsair.

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