What Is The WE Movement?

Yesterday we posted about the lineup announcement for the UK’s WE Day taking place on 22nd March. But what actually is the We Movement which is being celebrated?

WE’s main focus is on young people learning about ways to develop good citizenship skills whilst helping others out locally and globally when doing so. Founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger projects are organised to support European, Asian, African and American communities. You might already be aware of the huge celebration which is WE Day bringing together over 200,000 people in 14 stadiums across Canada, the US and the UK.

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WE Schools focus upon encouraging students to reach for success in life thanks to educational resources and extracurricular activities for developing life skills. Students of all socio-economic backgrounds embark on a year-long programme to spark and continue social initiatives. Supported by campaigns and mentorship programmes support is there to turn them into change makers. These skills then enable people to take action and empowering those around them to change lives.

But let’s talk more about what the UK achieved in 2015/16, 3075 schools worked with WE Schools providing over 1 million hours making more than £1,500,000 to support global and local causes. Education, clean water, homelessness and hunger were issues tackled with nursery pupils at Chesterton Primary School in Wandsworth, London learning about the right for clean water and taking part in sponsored walks. Whilst older years are spending nights in their school hall to understand how homelessness in their local community can feel. Programs are run in 10,000 schools thanks to the support of corporate sponsors and often result in the WE Day celebration. Since 2007 young people within WE Schools have raised more than £63.9 million for more than 2500 local and global organisations, volunteering for 27.8 million hours to support local and global causes and collected 3.4 million kilograms of food.

WE is made up of five beliefs which people commit to upon supporting the cause…

Me into WE: Each individual has unique gifts, talents and contributions. Together, we are powerful beyond measure, our strength lies in the uniqueness of us. We are capable of doing more together than any one of us could do alone.

WE Is Everyone: Anyone can make a difference. We can help by giving back and also through our daily choices as anyone can apply their individual passion to a collective world-changing impact.

WE Are The Change: We are defined by our daily efforts. If we don’t take action, who will? We believe our actions will inspire others. These actions will create a tidal wave of impact. Small things add up to great change. WE starts with me.

WE Are a Global Community: We are involved with each other in a global connection – with our friends, our families, our communities and the world. We believe in the giving of ourselves to help raise a compassionate future generation that looks for any opportunity to make a difference.

I Am WE:  WE is a movement that exists to make the world a better place. We are the shameless idealist who believes that there is a version of our highest selves that comes from living a life of daily legacies. Our lives take on a deeper, transformative meaning when we impact the lives of others. I am WE.

Through their work within schools, students are believing themselves to be agents of change and in a position of power to inspire others. Young people are challenged to make an impact on a local and a global issue which they are passionate about and want to work towards helping.

WE’s family of organisations help to make people at home, around the world and within enterprise feel empowered to make a change. WE Charity provides resources that can create sustainable impacts with domestic programmes like WE Schools and WE Villages. The huge concept is rounded up with ME to WE which creates socially conscious products and experiences allowing people to do good through everyday choices which they make.

WE love the concept behind the WE Movement and with the accumulation of the process being a WE Day celebration full of like minded people to celebrate their achievements. If you’d like to find out more about WE, head to their official website here.



Written by Nicola Craig

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