What to consider before you start writing your academic essay

Writing essays is not as easy as it thinks, especially if the essay is required as a graduation requirement on campus. As an essay writer we need to make sure what we write in accordance with the standard writing guidelines or we will get caught up in writing random works. Many amateur writers ignore what will be presented in this article.

The structure of essay writing consists of 3 parts.
Introduction: The first paragraph of essay is used to open the subject. The first part tells the reader what the essay is about. I do not know much about it, but it is a good introduction to the reader’s interest and a sense of curiosity that the content is going to be a simple way to make the reader want to read more not just the title. Within the introduction, there is a thesis statement, which tells the reader what the essay is about.

Body: It is the essence of the essay and is the longest part of the essay. The body can include several paragraphs depending on the additional information we want to expand or give the reader an insight.

Conclusion: As the author, you need to briefly review and reiterate to readers what you want to communicate to them. The conclusion is a summary of all the above mentioned to the readers. However the content is focused on the importance of the introduction and body as mentioned above.

The major role of the essay body


The essay body will have a major role. It is made to provide additional information to the reader and consists of 3 sections: Topic Sentence, Supporting Passes and Concluding sentences.
– Topic Sentence is the first part of each body, which will let the reader know what the paragraph is talking about.

– Supporting sentences to provide additional information or extension from the topic sentence, including examples. Some analogies can be useful for explaining the theme to the readers.

– Concluding the sentences, telling the importance of the paragraph to the reader.
Do not summarize it all from the start!
Writing should attract the reader’s attention from the start. It is not uncommon for us to solve a whole new topic after we begin writing the content.


If you want to present your essay to the committee


It is not necessary for the committee to read the rest of the essay, so it should be a surprise or a follow-up to read in the introduction. By asking questions or issues, the board or readers are more interested in reading your essay, as well as making the reader feel the emotions the author wants to communicate with.


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