What’s Up With 5SOS?

  Australian pop-rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer are such teases lately, what’s new?

If you’ve been keeping up with all things 5SOS, you’d know that the four-piece launched this crazy website titled ‘5ONTHEWALL’ a couple weeks ago. They have been airing ‘fly on the wall’ type videos for the last little while of the behind the scenes from the dressing rooms of various venues on their nearly sold out, headlining tour Rock Out With Your Socks Out.

They’ve recently been posting creepy teasers and strange clues for the 5SOSFam to somehow figure out. Ranging from Morse code to reverse speech to dial tones, the band has had everyone bringing out their inner detectives whilst keeping them on the edge of their seats. Many fans compared some of the teasers to the popular TV show Pretty Little Liars due to its creepy cell tones and static noises and never ending plot twists.

In every clue there seems to be lyrics which have fans speculating the boys will be realising a new single when the countdown, who has been taunting everyone, is finally finished. The ‘lyrics’ that have been discovered are mainly revolved around shrinks, going crazy, and falling in love? What’s up with that? All in all, maybe 5SOS are finally discovering their true talents; mischievous teenage boys who are a lot smarter than we all thought.   

Written by CelebMix