When Will We See Our First Celebrity-Themed Slots Game?

Celebrity culture has taken over the world. Across social media, news sites and popular culture, we can’t seem to get enough content from A-listers – and they can’t ever seem to get enough publicity.

Celebs have always tried to boost their profile. They have put their names on everything from fragrances to fashion collections and right now there seems to be another opportunity that is worth exploring. We’re talking about the kind of slot game that is proving popular for so many online casino players.A lot of the appeal of these games stems from the themes that are designed to attract particular groups of people. This approach is becoming increasingly wide ranging and effective -just take a look at the online slots at Paddy Power and you’ll see what we mean. You’ll find a vast choice of games to play with many based round popular films, bands and sporting heroes, to name a few. There are even some which directly refer to the celebrity lifestyle, including titles like Millionaire’s Island and Frequent Flier. All are simple to play and there are also promotions to encourage new players to try them. It would seem to be the next logical step for some games to use direct celebrity endorsement.

For example, it would be easy to imagine that the most famous social media family in the world might be willing to put their name to a slot game, especially at a time when some people are seeing cracks appear in the Kardashian empire, or at least in the TV show. The symbols on the reels could include the trappings of their super-luxury lifestyle from the private jets to the chauffeur-driven limos and plenty of blinging jewellery.

But it could also be a great thing even for lesser names in the celebrity world, bringing them greater exposure to an even wider audience and drawing in many existing fans. It’s easy to imagine how a game could be themed around the celebrity in question, whateversphere they operate in. For instance, features could include their image, samples of their music and even clips of their movies or TV shows.

More and more celebrities are also joining forces with charities ranging from the Red Cross to environmental charities. Some will use brand recognition of their name on new products, such as on slots. As for publicising the slot game, we’re know the incredible power that social media has when it comes to forming trends and interests. Considering the size of the online casino industry, it could be a good platform to help the celeb’s brand value. Surely the army of influencers out there, as well as the celebrities’ own efforts, could generate the buzz and excitement that their slots game would need to really take off.

For now, we’ll just have to sit back and see who will be the first big celebrity to put their name to a dedicated slot. And maybe we won’t have to wait very long.

Written by Monella