Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Painting?

Currently, there are many places where you can buy a painting. Buyers are invited to everything from traditional art galleries to online sites with pictures of paintings. Let’s take a closer look at all these cases.

Internet art galleries

At the moment, there are about a dozen well-known online art galleries. Regularly appear new online resources. The main advantages – ease of choice. A large number of authors show their work on the Internet. As a rule, a convenient search for the author, the search for the plot, it is possible to send a message to the artist. On the other hand, it is very easy to get lost in thousands of artists and not notice what you like.

Auctions of painting

Traditionally, the most expensive way to buy a painting. At the auctions are exhibited famous paintings by famous authors, antiques. Famous auction houses have earned billions of selling paintings. But participate and conduct auctions professionals who will not let you buy a cheap good picture. In addition, there is a small risk of counterfeiting the picture. If you look carefully at the rules of the auction, you will notice that the auction houses are not responsible for the authenticity of the lots. That confirms the recent quarrel between Dmitry Rybolovlev and Yves Bouvier.

The artist’s workshop

This is the best and cheapest way to choose your painting. As a rule, the artist himself sets a price for his work and is very often ready to discuss it. In addition, you can choose a painting from a large number of works. However, it is difficult to get to the artist in the studio. If you put aside the usual caution dictated by modernity, there are many superstitious people among the artists who believe that an ill willful person can spoil the aura of the room.

Personal art exhibitions, art salons

Traditionally, it is believed that the cost of paintings by the artist is the higher the more exhibitions held by the artist. Personal exhibitions are quoted much higher, participation in the exhibition of one or two works. Exhibitions in the Central House of Artists (Central House of Artists) raise the price of paintings in times, as the artist pays the rent of exhibition space. Depending on the location of the exhibition, the cost of renting the hall can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Naturally, the artist expects to recoup these costs by selling his paintings.

Printed publications, picturesque printed catalogs

To date, all the printed publications I have met work on a commercial basis. Since the circulation of these resources is small, they take money from those interested in publishing artists. In other words, it is possible to assert that all articles, catalogs of pictures and other publications are similar to usual advertising announcements. But on the other hand, these publications remain almost the only way for young artists to make themselves known.

Traditional art galleries

Quite an expensive way to buy a picture. It should be understood that galleries spend huge sums of money on renting premises, salaries to employees, advertising and marketing, and exhibitions. The price of the painting increases from 40% to 200%. Collaborate with galleries successful and formed artists. The works are selected and the galleries cooperate directly with the authors of the works, i.e. you are almost certainly insured against counterfeiting. The success of the artist means that the work exhibited in the gallery is a priori worth its money and its value will increase in the future.

Written by Monella