Which Celebrities Are Serious Players Around the Poker Table?

Poker games attract players from all over the world and while there are many amateur players, there are also professionals that will be seen at the tables. In many cases, these are celebrities as a number of stars have taken up a love for poker and can be seen enjoying serious games for high pot amounts. Over the years, large poker tournaments have attracted a number of celebrity players and these players are often seen at Vegas and Atlantic City casinos where they will be found immersed in a serious game of poker.

Here, we discover some of the great poker players that have celebrity status and many of these have competed at main event tournaments. These players can put on a great poker face and have been known not only to engage in poker action at land casinos and poker rooms, but can also be found playing online. With great online casinos like www.casumo.com, players will be able to find an array of poker variations that can be played for small or large bet amounts, so they cater to all budgets and all skill levels.

Ben Affleck

Ben may be known for his award winning films, but he is also a respected poker player that has enjoyed some great success at the tables. Affleck is known to be a pleasant opponent and while he denies any type of gambling addiction, he is often found competing at high stakes tables. Ben prefers to play along with other celebrities and he can be found in private villas that host exclusive large pot games, many of which have buy in amounts of $100,000 or more. As a serious poker player, Affleck has competed in a number of poker events and was the winner of the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

Jennifer Tilley

As one of the leading women celebrity poker players, Jennifer has had some great wins over the years. She is the only person to be the winner of an Oscar and a WSOP Bracelet. In addition to being a World Series of Poker winner, she has also claimed the Bellagio Cup as well as the championship title at WPT Ladies Night Invitational. Tilley can be found at casinos across the US engaging in high stakes games.

Michael Phelps

Phelps is best known for being a Gold medalist swimmer in the Olympics, having won 23 golds during his professional career. Since he has retired from swimming, Phelps has focused more on his poker game. It is believed that Phelps will be making many appearances at top rated poker tournaments world wide. He has earned seats at eh WSOP and events in the Bahamas in the past and his best finish was fifth place in a No Limit Texas Hold Em Event that took place at Caesars Palace in 2008.

Matt Damon

Damon not only starred in movies that had a string gambling theme, but he is also a serious poker player in real life. While Damon was preparing for his role in Rounders, he spent $25,000 to gain experience playing in poker events. Since then, he has taken part in many tournaments and while he is not the best player in the world, he is a great contender. Damon may not have the impressive wins in the poker world as some other celebrities, but he does take his game seriously and can often be found at casinos in Vegas. Those spotting Damon in action will find him taking seats at high roller tables where the stakes can be quite steep.

Written by CelebMix