Which Celebs Could Get Behind the Introduction of Online Betting in Ohio?

Ohio is set to be the next state in the USA to legalise sports betting online, following numerous other regions of the country that have welcomed the industry. Celebrities around the world often endorse gambling sites, and they can act as a great draw to attract customers. There are numerous Ohio-linked stars that could be tempted to help propel the rise of the betting industry in the state in the years ahead.

Ohio Set to Legalise Online Sports Betting in January 2023

The USA has been slow to catch up with many other countries in the western world in introducing the online gambling industry to its residents. Because of this, state governments have missed out on a vast amount of potential earnings as the sector has grown into a behemoth worth more than $73.1 billion worldwide. Various regions around the country have introduced online sports betting in recent years, and the dominoes have fallen rapidly around the States.

The legislation for online sportsbooks in Ohio was passed at the end of 2021, but it won’t take effect until the start of 2023. At this time, many online sportsbooks that are established elsewhere in the USA are planning to make their services available in the Buckeye State. Superbook is one such site, and it’s set to launch on January 1 2023. You can click here to view the full review, which details the bonus available, along with information about codes and vouchers. Its official partner is FC Cincinnati, and it has been lauded for its fast customer service.

Plenty of Famous Faces Associated with Ohio

Online sportsbooks that want to get off to a good start in Ohio would be wise to sign deals with celebrities to endorse them. Research has found that showing familiar faces is an excellent marketing tool, which is why stars are usually preferred to unknown people in advertising campaigns. There are various highly recognisable celebrities who are known to have links with Ohio that sportsbooks could try to strike deals with.

Vince Vaughn is one of the best-known stars to support Ohio State in the NCAA, with his parents and extended family encouraging him to support the Buckeyes from a young age. J.K Simmons is another notable actor who’s a huge Ohio State fan. He’s even been known to gloat about their victories on the radio. Either of these celebrities could be great options for advertising campaigns about sports betting in the state.

Sporting Stars Could Promote the Industry

Ohio has produced some sporting legends over the years, and famous players could be options to front marketing campaigns for sportsbooks in the state. There are various professional football players from the region that have enough star power to get the attention of the masses.

Some former Buckeyes players have gone on to make waves in the NFL recently, including the likes of Justin Fields and Nick Bosa. These players may soon be looking for endorsement deals to boost their profiles further, a technique that many sports stars use in the modern age.

The online betting industry in Ohio is likely to follow the trajectory of other states and boom over the next few years. For sportsbooks to stand out against the competition, it would make a lot of sense for them to use Ohio-affiliated celebs in their marketing campaigns.

Written by Monella