Who do we think will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?

With Eurovision 2019 now less than two months away, we’re pretty stoked about this year’s competition, set to be one of the most exciting yet. Queen of Pop Madonna is rumored to be performing at the Tel Aviv show, whilst this year’s contestants are setting a new standard in music. But what are this year’s Eurovision odds, and who do we think will come out on top? Below, we’ve rounded up some of our winners (and losers) predictions for Eurovision 2019…

The Netherlands is favorite to win

This year’s firm favorite is The Netherlands, with Duncan Laurence and his brilliant song Arcade. Already in the top ten of the Dutch Single Top 100, the song is emotional, stripped back and everything we love about the music scene right now. Whether or not Duncan goes on to win, there’s no doubting that he’s going to have a bright and successful career ahead of him. We can’t wait to see what he gets up to next; rumor has it, an album is in the works.

Sweden is in with a chance

Another favorite to grab the crown at this year’s competition is Sweden, with their entrant John Lundvik performing Too Late for Love. The singer’s contemporary song is setting the charts alight in a few markets, and we think he’ll connect with voters at the Eurovision Final.

Italy is another contender

Racking up more than 50 million views on YouTube already, Mahmood will perform his song Soldi at this year’s competition, after he won the Sanremo Music Festival 2019 in Italy. The track is hip-hop with Arabic influence and is a total bop. We can’t wait to see him perform it live at the show, and see how Europe reacts when it comes to the vote.

The United Kingdom is, well… the United Kingdom

The truth is that the United Kingdom never does well at the Eurovision Song Contest, and with its upcoming withdrawal from the European Union, things could be frosty this year. Still, we’re here for the music and not for politics, and this year’s entrant, Michael Rice, is set to perform Bigger Than Us. The 21-year-old appeared on All Together Now, a BBC One singing competition, and then competed in Eurovision: You Decide. It’s a cracking song and will no doubt perform well in the charts – whether it scores the UK any points is another question!

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Written by CelebMix