Who Is Josiah Young?

Josiah Young is a 16-year-old, Australian upcoming actor, Musical.ly personality, and model, who is going to be starring in a movie, in the near future.

We have gathered information from his Musical.ly that he has been on set recording for a new movie. The name of the movie is yet to be announced. However, from what we can see from his Musical.ly videos, he will surely be an amazing actor.

Josiah is a rising star, whose Musical.ly account has currently racked up an audience over 25,000 followers. Not only that he does a bit of modelling for a brand called TeenHeart. Which means that we can technically say that he is a triple fret.

The main thing that we can understand, is that his personality and talent is what is helping him strive towards and achieve his goals.

Josiah makes a variety of Musical.ly videos which show off his personality. Currently, he has racked up over 400,000 likes on Musical.ly altogether. We can see why people like his Musical.ly videos. Josiah’s Musical.ly videos mainly consist of lipsync videos, which clearly show his acting skills.

Josiah is also a member of an app called LifeSlice where you share small videos, called stories. People then have the opportunity to like the video/story in a similar way to Musical.ly live streams, emoji-love. We are sure that just like on Musical.ly, he will also be successful on Lifeslice as well.

We are sure looking forward to seeing what the future brings for Josiah.

We hope that he is very successful with his first movie role. If he is successful in his first movie, we could potentially be seeing more of Josiah.

The fact that he has landed himself a role in a movie is quite an achievement.

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Written by Emily Severn

I'm Emily, I am really enthusiastic about music, celebrities, YouTube, TV shows, writing and sport.