Who is Kyle Reynolds? Former Model Leaves the Runway and Launches A Highly Successful Management Company

Kyle Reynolds has lived more lives by age twenty-three than most do in a lifetime. His story starts like many young men. Growing up in Chicago, he went to college with dreams of the NBA. During that time, he had an opportunity to break into the LA scene of modeling and acting and found some success. Fast forward a few years and he now has over 125 million followers across social media, almost 200 clients and is connected to over 12,000 brands and is the CEO and founder of Top Floor Management. Top Floor Management is a company that helps dreamers turn their dreams into realities. 

In 2017, Kyle launched Top Floor Management. Based on his desire to help, his extensive connections, and friendly personality, Top Floor was started to serve the needs of up and coming artists and athletes, as well as established celebrities. Four years later, Kyle and his team at Top Floor Management have created a highly successful management company that serves almost two hundred creators. During this time, Kyle has developed his skill set as a talent manager and helped many aspiring artists and athletes to build their brands. Part of his strategy was building a community of creators. By building a community that worked together, he enabled them to simultaneously enhance their skills and grow their exposure together. 

Another big part of his success as a manager is his ability to help his clients consistently land deals. Coaching and guiding his clients to create consistent and creative content enables them to build their brand and grow their social media platform. With monthly subscriptions, one-on-one coaching and other services, Kyle helps his clients prepare everything they need to pitch big brands and land deals. Combined with its extensive network of companies like Vouri, Country Of Milan, Daniel Wellington and many more, Top Floor Management can find a brand deal that works for everyone. 

What is Kyle’s motivation? It’s simple. In his words, “It’s about the people, when your put other people first you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be faster.” Kyle is living proof of those words. In just a few years, Kyle already has helped almost two hundred creators build their brand and is connected to over 12,000 brands. Whether you are a celebrity or an aspiring creator or athlete, Kyle and Top Floor Management are ready to help you build your brand and get where you want to go. Fast.

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Written by Kyle Dior

Working with influencers, entrepreneurs and music artists around the world.