“Who is Larry Stylinson?”

“Me and Louis had always said that we wanted to move in together, 

And that was pretty much it. It just sort of happened.”

– Harry Styles 

"Who is Larry Stylinson?" 1

The current year is 2015. Let’s take a moment and flashback to the year 2010. Ah, 2010. The year where dreams literally came true. Where fate brought 5 boys together in one group. Where the boys were just starting out on the wildest ride of their lives. Keep focusing on 2010, but now, focus on two individuals. Harry and Louis.

"Who is Larry Stylinson?" 3

This isn’t about ships. This isn’t about who believes in what. This isn’t about who is right or wrong. This is about the fact that there is absolutely NO way one can deny the connection that these two had from the very first moment they were placed in the band.

A special bond whether it be a friend, a family member, or even a soul mate is something that should be cherished by all who have the chance to witness it. If we could re visit 2010, “Larry” was just being brought to life and there was rarely anything negative to be said about the two boys.

Back to reality. We’re in 2015.

"Who is Larry Stylinson?" 1

The perception of “Larry” has been twisted 360 through the course of the past 5 years. The connection that Harry and Louis had in the X-Factor and during the Up All Night tour is not something that can be taken away or changed just over night. You may recognize the quotes that “behind closed doors something else goes on” or that we “only know what the camera’s show.” I whole heartedly stand by and believe in those sayings.

The connection that Harry and Louis have is still there… you just have to open your eyes. I’ll repeat this again: this isn’t about ships, this isn’t about what you believe in, and this isn’t about who is wrong or right. So many people are quick to believe what media shoves in their faces. One thing that I’ve learned in life is that you should never be ashamed to stand up and believe in something when a part of the world is trying to make you against it.

Harry and Louis not only individually, but together have impacted so many lives. They’re a symbol of hope, inspiration, dedication, passion, truth, and love. They have taught us to follow our dreams, to never give up, to fight for what we stand by. They have brought life long friends and memories. With all those positives, why focus on the negatives? Larry is not something that should be shown to the world as a bad thing. It is NOT a bad thing.

"Who is Larry Stylinson?" 2

Why is it that when we go to follow each other on Twitter, there are often those who refuse to follow back people who tweet positive thingsabout Harry and Louis? Why is it that hate is something that is seen to be more ideal than the idea of two people being soulmates?

When asked the question “Who is Larry Stylinson?”, don’t just jump into your opinion of if it’s real or not. In all honesty, “Larry” is so much more than the typical argument you see in the online world. It’s about how inspiring their story is; how pure, loving, caring, and admirable they are.

It’s 2015. Larry shippers have been alongside the wildest ride of their lives along with Harry and Louis. “Larry Stylinson” is a subject and an issue in which I strongly believe in and support. Harry and Louis deserve the world. 2010 was their beginning and 2015 is most certainly not their ending.

“Who is Larry Stylinson?” 

It’s a connection.


  1. a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

A connection in which you may form your own opinion.

However, this connection, no matter what it may be.. is always here to stay.

Written by CelebMix