Who is Lydia Evangeline?

Lydia Evangeline is a singer, whose songs include coldest shadow, get over you, and T.R.U.S.T. We certainly think that she is amazing, and may be a really big, well heard of name in the music industry. She has a great voice which has got her where she is today.

She will also be a good, positive inspiration for girls who are interested in going into the music industry in the future. Which we think is amazing.

We think that you will really like her music as the lyrics are relateable. We all should know, that when we can relate to the lyrics of a song, we can’t stop listening to that song.

People who watch Emmerdale may recognise someone from Emmerdale in the music video for T.R.U.S.T. Ned Portoeous, who plays Joe Tate in Emmerdale.

The music video for T.R.U.S.T, shows a guy (portrayed by Ned Portoeous), who becomes a superhero. With the name of the song ‘T.R.U.S.T’, on his cape. From the video we can also see that he has a plan of how he is going to gain her trust, and be her superhero.

So he goes wherever she goes, and helps her. For example, her shopping appears in her car boot, which was him.

She then almost loses her phone, which he is there to save the day, and catches it and gives it back to her.

Towards the end he saves her from an oncoming car, where there is a part where there is a news bulletin, showing that a superhero with the name “T.R.U.S.T” saving her from an oncoming car.

Then at the end, she discovers that he was her superhero all along. We think that the storyline of the music video is amazing.

You can watch the music video for T.R.U.S.T here

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Written by Emily Severn

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