Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson?

We can be part of something that actually makes a difference to our future and helps people who need the support.

Louis Tomlinson / Action 1D 2015 

Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson? 1

Louis Tomlinson is a name that has skyrocketed in the news and media all through 2015, (which the One Direction fandom would call the year of the wildest roller coaster ride to exist.)  However, the heartbreaking part of this is that our Louis is being portrayed in a manner that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Louis Tomlinson is an angel. It’s as simple as that.

Why is it that the media decides to focus on the negatives and get so caught up on writing about false rumors, that they never write about the good? How sad is it that the “Babygate Scandal” stole the spotlight from “Action 1D?”

“Louis Tomlinson spotted at club leaving with mystery woman!”

“Louis Tomlinson… homophobic?”

“Louis Tomlinson to become a DAD?”

“Louis Tomlinson sending threats to fans over Larry Stylinson?”

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, WRONG.

Did you know that Louis dyed his hair red in 2013 for Red Nose Day and literally got no acknowledgment about it?

Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson? 1

That didn’t stop him from taking part in charities. Since then, Louis has been actively involved with Endora Trust, footie games for charity, & Believe in Magic. 

Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson? 2

Louis is the strongest, most devoted individual person that I know. It’s absolutely amazing to watch him change the world one day at a time. As Harry Styles states himself, the word “famous” takes away from the person. Louis is a person who is filled with LOVE, PASSION, TALENT, DEVOTION, KINDNESS, etc.  He is filled with love and acceptance for others. Louis is also the most loyal person. It’s obvious that he will do anything or be anyone for those in his life.

Louis has come so far since 2010. He has gone from being in the background of songs to completely taking over (indirect to album 4 track 8). Since day one, I’ve been the biggest supporter of Louis William Tomlinson. One of the reasons that I don’t, nor will I ever believe the negative rumors and articles is because I have been following Louis since the very beginning, along with 90% of the fandom and we /know/ the real him, even if we know him through a screen.

We have seen Louis as the boy who wore the stripes and suspenders filled with life. Then we fell even more in love with cinnamon swirled hair Louis during 2013. Then came Louis who would stare at the ground during concerts, restricted to being himself. Even during those times, my love and the fandom’s love for him was there and stronger than ever. Slowly, we have been seeing Louis becoming himself once more. (The fact that media training is a thing disgusts me, but it’s so easy to see through.)

Let’s just talk about the importance of Drag Me Down, which was written by Louis. The lyrics are so important and I cannot even begin to express that enough. This song ties hand in hand with all the drama, rumors, scandals, etc.

“When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down”

“Nobody, nobody

Nobody can drag me down
Nobody, nobody
Nobody can drag me down”

NOTHING can bring Louis down. NO ONE can bring Louis down. I strongly believe that Louis does and says things for a reason in which he wants us to catch on to.

If you were to ask a random person who isn’t dedicated to the One Direction fandom, “Who is Louis Tomlinson?” their response would most likely be “the dude who is going to be a dad” or “the guy who hates gay rumors” and /THAT/ is what needs to be put to an end. Louis is so much MORE than rumors, scandals, etc. Louis is love. Louis is light. Louis is the sun. Louis is an angel.

Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson? 4

Imagine if we lived in a world where there were articles that focused on the POSITIVE changes that the beautiful individual Louis Tomlinson brings not only to his fans, but to the world as a whole. My hope is to contribute and make a change to the way that people view One Direction.

Louis, we love you. We know who you are. These rumors can never bring you down and they won’t ever bring us down.

While Louis’ appearance may change, there’s one thing that never will and that is his heart of gold.

Who is /the/ Louis Tomlinson? 5

So I leave you with one question:

Who is Louis Tomlinson to you?

Written by CelebMix