Why Celebrities Have Insurance For Everything

Celebrity lives can be pretty amazing; from the red carpet to the glamorous lifestyles that they live. So it is easy for them to make headlines by anything they do. Therefore, when Kim Kardashian decided to insure her buttocks for $3 million,  that was a news item. Then, Madonna insured her chest for $2 million, and Taylor Swift insured her legs for $40 million. It was a trend which many people did not think would continue. 

When we talk about insurance, it usually refers to a financial protection policy from an insurance company that an individual or an entity takes out against losses. Thus, when you insure your car, home, or your business that is normal, and it would not be considered unusual. But what if your livelihood depended upon a certain part of your body? You would certainly want to insure it, just as many celebrities are doing now.

Why celebrities insure themselves.

Imagine that you are a celebrity and your fame and income depend on your voice, buttocks, tongue or even fingers. You would do what was necessary to ensure that the body part is taken care of in case of an accident.  For instance, Celine Dion, who has an incredible voice, became quite famous when she sang the soundtrack for the film Titanic. So it did not come as a surprise that she went on to ensure her voice for $1 million. 

You might think that the trend for insuring body parts started recently, but that is not the case. It all began in 1900, when the actor, Ben Turpin, insured his eyes. This silent film star took out a policy worth $25,000 for his trademark cross eyes. 

What is the process for body part insurance?

How do you get a body part insured?  It can be easy to get the insurance you need from companies like Garrity insurance which even has condo insurance and cyber insurance. The process involves a person hiring a broker who will help them in the whole policy situation. The profession of the person wanting insurance will determine which body part will be insured and for how much. 

There are occasions when a celebrity will protect their body part for specific events such as the VMAs, Oscars, or the Grammy awards. Sometimes it is recommended that a star should get protected if they are undertaking a risky process such as a photoshoot that requires rock climbing. The company for whom this is being done wants to be protected from litigation.

When someone applies for an insurance policy the company will take a look into the type of lifestyle which that individual lives. The “bad boys” will be insured for less or pay an extremely high premium. 

Which are some of the most popular body parts that are covered by insurance?

Any body part can get insured, although it might be hard finding someone who has protected every part of their body. Here is a look at some of the most popular body parts that can be protected and who is likely to protect them. 

  1. Loss of voice- usually insured by singers.  
  2. Body scarring- models
  3. Facial scarring- models and actors
  4. Nose and tongues- celebrity chefs and food critics
  5. Loss of fingers- pianists and violin players. 
  6. Legs- athletes

          Who are some of the celebrities who have insured their body parts?

           Hollywood has many actors who have insured themselves. You could call it self love, or it may be they are very financial wise. They are willing to pay a big price so they can take care of themselves in case of an accident. Here is a look at some celebrities and the outrageous policies they have made. 

  1. Christiano Ronaldo (legs) -$144 million
  2. David Beckham( body)- $70 million
  3. Gene Simmons(tongue) -$1 million
  4. Kylie Minogue(buttocks)-$5 million
  5. Holly Madison (chest)- $1 million
  6. Kim Kardashian(buttocks)-$3 million
  7. Julia Roberts(mouth)-$30 million

          There are a lot of celebrities who have insured their body parts. Would you insure your body part? And if so, how much would you be willing to pay for it? Let us know what you think. 

Written by CelebMix