Why do some casinos cheat players?

Approximately 60% of the gambling software market is occupied by three game providers: Playtech, Microgaming, and Netent. Typically, online casino owners do not buy the software. 

They just rent it. Legal support for the project is also expensive. A license to operate an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda will cost 100,000. In other jurisdictions, tariffs are lower, but it may require annual renewals. 

Such business model is suitable for large market participants who are ready to invest several million dollars in the project at the start. The more expenses, the more casino tries to shmooze from a player that plays in the MrBet online casino.   

How online casinos cheat players 

Traditional casinos always have an advantage over the player, thanks to which the casino makes money. 

In roulette, the house edge is approximately 3%. In blackjack, poker and other games where the player makes tactical decisions, the statistical advantage of the casino is much lower often less than 0.5% 

Large gambling establishments use legal tricks: free alcohol to dull attention, involving the player in long games, etc. 

There is much more room for fraud in online casinos and catching scammers red-handed is much more difficult. Everyone wants to  go here to get a casino bonus and hit the jackpot. It divides scam in this area into two groups: 

1. The players are unable to win 

2. The gambler doesn’t have even the slightest chance 

Let’s consider these approaches thoroughly. In the casino, they won’t let you win 

All operations related to issuing cards or the movement of the drum occur on the side of the platform. The player does not see how the roulette wheel turns or the dice roll; he observes only the result. And if the algorithms responsible for generating pseudo-random numbers are opaque, the player can only guess how the game provider cheated.

Written by Monella