Why Don’t We Announce Another European Tour

Why Don’t We (abbreviated to WDW) are an American pop boyband, that began on September 27, 2016. The group consists of Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron.

After a long time of waiting, international fans were ecstatic to find out that Why Don’t We would be coming to Europe in May/June 2018 and touring for the first time with the ‘Invitation Tour’. This tour has been amazing and the boys have really shown their talents and rocked out in so many venues to all their adoring fans!

The fans were left feeling down about this tour coming to an end, but this was quickly replaced with surprise and ultimate delight when the Why Don’t We boys announced on their instagram, in a way only they could, that they would be returning to Europe on tour.

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More info tomorrow ??

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All sat in bath robes, sporting their best english accents and drinking tea, the boys announced the new tour and dates with more information to come the next day. This was definitely a tea served sweet. Fans then took to Twitter, with positive comments of excitement and joy that they would be seeing the boys again very soon.

The next day the venues and onsale dates went live. New and bigger venues show that the Why Don’t We boys are becoming more popular and their fan base is growing at a fast rate. They released this photo on their Twitter commenting, ‘You’re not getting rid of us that easy.’

Below you can find the dates for their next tour:

October 2018:

06.10 – Madrid, Spain

08.10 – Barcelona, Spain

10.10 – Paris, France

12.10 – Dublin, Ireland

13.10 – Belfast, Ireland

15.10 – Tilburg, Netherlands

16.10 – Utrecht, Netherlands

17.10 – Munich, Germany

19.10 – Frankfurt, Germany

21.10 – Birmingham, United Kingdom

22.10 – Manchester, United Kingdom

24.10 – Newport, United Kingdom

25.10 – London, United Kingdom


The general admission tickets go on sale on Friday 15th June at 9am BST.

Will you be buying tickets to Why Don’t We’s October tour? Let’s us know @CelebMix and tweet us which date.

Written by Sofia Esposito

I'm a fun loving, music and film fanatic. I love makeup and fashion! I enjoy going out to concerts, fanfests, meet ups and I'm never too far from a cool cafe, record shop or library!