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Why Fans Love John Newman


John Newman’s soulful and distinct vocals first came to our attention back in 2012, when he featured on Rudimental’s UK number one hit ‘Feel The Love’. The track’s success wasn’t limited to the UK either. It charted across the globe, spreading John’s voice all over the world.

In 2013, John unveiled his debut solo single ‘Love Me Again’, which shot straight to the top spot and cemented his status as one of the most exciting acts to emerge in recent years. The Yorkshire lad released his debut album Tribute later that year, which also went straight in at number one.

In 2015, John released ‘Come and Get It’, the lead single from his second album Revolve. Both the single and album were a success, with the album reaching number three in the charts. Most recently, John teamed up with Sigala and Nile Rodgers for ‘Give Me Your Love’, one of the songs of the summer.

Speaking of collabs, John has joined forces with good friend Calvin Harris on several occasions. They released a song called ‘Blame’ in 2014, which became a monster hit across the globe. This kicked off a wonderful musical partnership between the pair, with John’s most recent solo single ‘Olé’ being written and produced by Calvin.

Alongside delivering striking, powerful and, most often, personal tunes, John has also had the opportunity to tour his music and deliver electrifying performances. Not only has he toured the UK, including supporting Ellie Goulding on her Delirium tour, but he has performed shows across the world, gaining an army of fans from every inch of the globe along the way.

Throughout everything, it’s safe to say that John has remained the humble Yorkshireman that he was when he first entered the music scene. He’s an underrated talent who has a lot of love in his heart for everyone around him, particularly his fans. Despite going through difficult circumstances in his life, the singer remains positive and is an inspiration to many.

We recently spoke to some of John Newman’s biggest fans, also known as Newmies, from across the globe to ask them why they love him so much. Here’s what they had to say…

Saray – 33 – Spain

“I love John Newman so much because since the day I saw him on the Spanish 40 Principales Radio Awards in 2013, I couldn’t stop to listening to his music. His class and 60s style called my attention. He transmits good energy, he puts a lot of passion on stage, and his live performances are amazing! His voice is original as is his dancing – he works really hard, a true artist. John is also a very humble and nice guy with his fans and everyone around him, his family, friends, and band. He means a lot because his music helped me through good and bad days, he changes your mood in an instant! I’ve lived great moments since I started to be a Newmie.”

We spoke with John Newman fans to find out why they love him so much 3
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Sophie – 16 – Wales

“You could say that John has had a big influence on my life since 2013. Every song I hear from John is just raw and powerful, from the heart. His music and interactions on social media have helped me smile on even the most stressful and upsetting of moments in my life in the last three years. He means so much to me because he is a genuine guy who is passionate about music. He has also in some way, brought together a community of fans, Newmies, which I now consider to be my friends! I also love him because of his personality, looks and the fact that he is quite mischievous sometimes. By that, in one way, I mean he has surprised myself and a few other Newmies by actually replying to us on Twitter and in another way by hinting about new singles subtly. I hope his career continues to drive forward in all honesty because he is such a hard worker and an amazing artist that just deserves to be out there!”

Polola – 17 – Spain

“I love John Newman because he puts great emotion in his songs . The first time I heard him was through the song ‘Love Me Again’ and I liked it. A few years later, I was searching for music and I started to hear all his songs. When I heard ‘Easy’, I identified with it as a few months before I was bad for love and in the song, he sings “’cause everytime you feel it a piece of you its gone” and that was just what I felt . Later I read his biography and saw that we have some things in common. For me, John is everything. Every morning when I take the bus, I listen his music. It makes me feel better, and it gives me strength, because he’s passed through bad moments and turned them into good songs.”

Jana – 50 – Czech Republic

“I heard his song ‘Losing Sleep’ for the first time only one year ago. Since then, everything changed. John brought positive energy to my life. I’m fifty and I’m used to being stressed. Ten years ago, I had breast cancer, I’ve sometimes had problems in my family, with my children, at work…but since listening to his amazing songs, I’m fine. For me, John is a great star, and one who’s remained decent. He’s a great professional with an amazing voice. His songs are from the heart, with so much emotion, feeling and truth. I believe every word in his songs. I love his voice, his energy during concerts, his dancing, funny gags, his friendliness and love for his family. I admire his permanent, contagious smile, optimism and his strength in some adverse life moments. He’s just everything all-in-one! I thank him and his nice music for my better days and wish him all the happiness in all the world, and mainly health for him and his amazing family. Thanks John! Thank you for being there for us too and making our lives better with your music!”

Why Fans Love John Newman 3

Sheila – 25 – California, Mexico

“I am a fan of John Newman, and I started to follow his social networks (I’m not much of an internaut) but his music is madness, his lyrics and that voice are so emotional. There is not a single song that doesn’t excite me. He is one of the few singers which make good music (although he only has two albums at the moment). He doesn’t have a typical sound or lyrics and he does not go along with what is fashionable. I like that he is faithful to it and he continues with it because it is something that is a part of him, and not to fit in with the music of the USA.”

“I would love to have a little bit of his philosophy, in terms of doing what you really want but perhaps insecurities have limited me. Not that his music doesn’t teach me something, there will be singers who really share wisdom but in John Newman’s case, he simply does what one likes and shares it, ‘this is what I am and so I’ll be’. In the USA, there are artists who, for my taste, have good lyrics in their songs but there is something missing in them, and excellent advertising makes them look like the best. That’s not my vision of John Newman.”

Dalija – 20 – Serbia

“I met John in June this year and honestly, he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He was very kind and when I gave him a Serbian flag he was so so happy, which blew me away. But, the biggest reason why I love him so much is because he is the best performer I have ever seen. The way he interacts and engages with the crowd to jump and sing and dance is amazing. Also, his songs are so beautiful and he just appreciates and praises his band and his crew like no other artist. He is truly one of a kind.”

We spoke with John Newman fans to find out why they love him so much 5

Marlene – 19 – Italy

“I love John Newman because he puts himself completely into everything he does like his music, concerts, passions, and events. He’s very kind with people and his voice is so unique. But the most important reason why I love him are the contexts of his songs. They are personal and full of emotion, and mixed with the music and voice, they come out great ones. Yes, that’s why I like him!”

Maria – Russia

“I love John Newman for his passion for music, he is so hard-working. His music is like magic and all songs are masterpieces! The main reason why I love him is because of his positivity. John always tries to look on the bright side, find something good in hard situations and sends his best vibes to us, his fans. “This time I’m gonna be stronger, I’m not giving in” is my favorite song’s phrase, my motto of life. I’m really really really grateful to him! I hope that someday I’ll tell him about it personally.”

Rose – 13 – France

“I discovered John Newman when I moved, it was life changing. The move wasn’t easy for me…but I stayed positive thanks to him. I found invaluable help in his music, and it’s how I started to get attached. I listen to him all the time, in the morning, evening, during the day, whether I’m happy or sad. He’s part of my life. What I like most about him is that he is different and unique. He’s got class and is elegant, transcribing his magnificent style in his music, which has the same beauty, the same originality. He’s a beautiful character. Since I’ve known him, I’ve had more strength to overcome my problems. I managed several times get out of my timidity thanks to him, something I could never do without the energy, and the joy that he transmits. When performing on stage, he gives 200% all the time. He gives me a lot of motivation, courage, and strength. I’m very happy because I know that when I’m not well, he’s there. And I know that he will make me smile whatever happens.”

Why Fans Love John Newman 2

Ariana – 15 – Palms Springs, CA

“John Newman has brought so much joy in my life. His music got me through my good and bad times. John works hard to make his fans proud, which is why I want to say Thank You!”

Bente – 15 – Netherlands

“I’m a big big big fan of John Newman. He’s so talented and so strong because he has been through a lot but he still doesn’t give up and that makes me so proud! Whenever he performs, he gives his everything and people always love it. He’s also very good looking, if you ask me, but that’s just a bonus. I’m just really proud of him and his music helped me with a lot. He also has a great personality and he always makes me laugh.”

Margarita – 29 – Salavat, Russia

“I love John Newman because his music makes me HAPPY!!! :)”

Why Fans Love John Newman 1

Ale – 17 – Italy

“When I heard ‘Love Me Again’ for the first time, I suddenly realized that it was not like all the other songs I had listened to in my life. It was different, original and amazingly catchy and, in an inexplicable way, it changed me and my vision on music. That’s how I knew about John Newman and became a huge fan of him.”

“Since then, I started to listen to all of his songs and I found myself really into those awesome tunes because that pop-soul rhythm was something I had never heard in contemporary music and the charts. I am used to saying that John is an old school soul singer in the 21st century, and that’s what I feel when I listen to his songs: I can go back some decades and have a taste of the old music that made the history of the pop and soul music.”

“I think that he’s too underrated for the great talent he has. His voice is something that really gives goosebumps: it makes me want to smile again when I’m sad and brings me up when I’m down, but on the other hand there are some songs that make me cry because of the strong feelings John’s voice can convey. It’s an extremely powerful gift he has!”

“He’s also so beautiful and stylish, I just love the way he dresses up and the different looks he has. And to people who criticize his white socks: they’re his trademark! One of the most important aspects is that he is original and makes his style by himself, an example for everyone. He taught me the motto “Do It Yourself” as a lifestyle, because he is involved in all the aspects of his work, from composing music to producing and so on. That’s why I truly admire what he does and the way he does it.”

“But John Newman is not only a fabulous artist and a handsome man, he’s also an incredible human being, a pure inspiration for me. He is dedicated to his work, humble, very kind and sincere to his fans. It’s impossible not to love how he relates with us Newmies and even the little heart attacks he gives us when he retweets or likes our tweets! I enjoy a lot watching his snaps too, they’re so funny! He has also taught me to be strong and positive, even if something goes wrong or if other people’s opinions make you weak or they don’t believe in you and your visions. I learnt from him that I should just do what I think is right and smile. It is easier coping with problems with a smile on the face.”

“When you find yourself at a roadblock, you must try and find a different route around.” – John Newman, Revolve (the book)

“He also taught me to live every day intensely, if you love someone tell them, your time is limited, don’t waste it.”

“Nothing seems that bad until it hits so close to home. I will never again take a day for granted. I will never take anyone around me for granted; if I love them I tell them, I want everyone to know how much I care for them. It is incredible how powerful positivity can be, I can now safely say ‘my dark nights make my days brighter, the cold makes the warmth feel warmer’, it’s the bad days that make good days, ‘good’ days.” – John Newman, Revolve (the book)

“Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet but I really hope to watch him in a live performance as soon as possible because, I know, that would be the best day of my life. I’m just a fan, he doesn’t even know me, but I really would like him to know how much he means to me and how important is him in my life. I’m proud to be a Newmie because he is special, in a true sense and his music makes me dream everyday and gives me the strength to go on. I hope one day I can have the honour to thank him personally for every time I’ve fangirled, laughed, cried and smiled because of him even if, I know, it will never be enough. Thanks John.”

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