Why Fans Love Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is an Indian-Canadian YouTuber, rapper, comedian, and actress. She posts two comedy videos every week on her YouTube channel, IISuperwomanII. She also lets us join her on her daily adventures on her vlogging channel. Lilly began making videos six years ago, in an attempt to make herself laugh while she was struggling with depression. Since then, Lilly has reached countless achievements. She has met and collaborated with her idol, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She went on a world tour and released a documentary called A Trip To Unicorn Island. She is currently writing her first book, “How to Be a Bawse”, which will be published in March 2017. Her channel is also growing exponentially- in less than a year, she has gained 3 million subscribers.

Lilly has recently launched a social campaign that she’s extremely passionate about, called #GirlLove. Practicing Girl Love is all about ending the cycle of girl-on-girl hate present in our society. It also encourages everyone to speak up about issues that affect girls worldwide- from having access to an education to slut-shaming. Lilly has raised thousands of dollars for The Malala Fund and Me to We, which both help send girls to school in developing countries.

The connection Lilly has with her fans is different than some other relationships digital creators have with their audience. Lilly is humble and grateful- but also well-aware that a combination of her constant hard work, support of her fans, and a pinch of luck is what got her to where she is today. When she talks about winning awards or hitting a milestone, she always uses “we” and “us”. Lilly refers to her fans as a family, or a team (Team Super, to be exact). When watching her videos and vlogs, it is not uncommon to feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. She shows us her happy, unicorn-esque side and her hustling Bawse mode, but also her weird, tired, sad, annoyed, and unmotivated sides. This genuine, two-sided connection, one that’s becoming harder to find online these days, is what makes so many of Lilly’s fans feel close to her.

We asked fans of Lilly Singh why they watch Lilly’s videos and look up to her. We were blown away by the overwhelming response we received! There are so many reasons to love Lilly, from her authenticity, to her hustle, to her humour. But don’t listen to us. Here’s why people from across the world, of all ages, love Lilly Singh:

Beverly D’souza – 25 – Mumbai, India (@Beverly_Dee)

“I’ve been a fan of Lilly Singh’s for a little more than 3 years now, and the first time I watched her videos, I was instantly attracted to her personality. She’s such a ray of sunshine and positivity who is also so energetic and fierce at the same time. I love and respect her for her work ethic. I haven’t seen anyone work as hard as her. I love her for how she embraces life 100% and gives it her all when it comes to achieving her goals. She inspired me to work hard on my own goals. I’ve met her a few times and have had the honour of working with her on a collab video for my channel and I can honestly say that she’s one of the SWEETEST, most humble people I will ever meet. The way she makes time for her fans is unbelievable to me. She has pretty much taken over the world with all of her accomplishments and stil, she is always grateful to her supporters and gives back to them. I love that about her. I already know she’s going to achieve so much more in life and change the world like the BAWSE she is!”

Nisha – Singapore (@DevilsAdvocateV)

 “I love, adore and respect Lilly because she was the one who helped me through the most difficult month of my life. It’s kinda weird how a stranger from the Internet can impact your life in such a positive way! I forgot how to smile. I forgot how to laugh. I forgot how to love! And there came Lilly with her positive attitude and angelic smile! Glad to be part of Team Super. Thanks to Lilly I’ve made really awesome friends!”

Izellah Mathias – 17 – India (@iiIzellahii)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 1

“The first video that I watched of Lilly’s, a.k.a. Superwoman, was her ‘Draw My Life’ video. I was going through depression during that time, and I thought: “If this person can make it through depression, why not me?” And so from there I went on to watch more of her videos and I laughed my heart out. I have never been happier. She is my light in the darkness. Even now when I am down, her smile can lift my spirits. She is the reason why I am so positive today. I LOVE HER because she is the only person who can make me laugh when I am crying. She is my idol and I couldn’t be more proud to have such an idol. She has achieved so many things in such a short time. She is my inspiration to spread happiness and be happy. I haven’t met her yet, but I want to and I will because I have to thank her for all that she has done in my life.”

Jessica – 12 – Toronto, Canada (@iilushii)

“I love Lilly Singh because she never gives up. No matter how hard it could be sometimes, she always pushes forward and that inspires me so much! She is such an amazing person inside and out.”

Mira Assayed – Cairo, Egypt (@TeamSuperCairo)

“Lilly helped me while I was going through some self-esteem issues. I was on my way to depression, but watching a couple of Lilly’s motivational videos stopped me and helped me GET BACK UP! She inspired me to hustle, to set more goals. And therefore, I’m prouder of myself than ever before! She is the reason why I wake up every day with a smile on my face. Just knowing that she exists restores my faith in humanity and makes me feel better. Every video and every vlog of her’s reminds me of what I overcome and makes me feel better. She also inspired me to make a change, and take a step forward towards what grabs my passion. Because of her, I’m now brave enough to make a website and a Twibbon taking a stand against Cyber Bullying. Wanna check ‘ em out? Here’s the link to my website. All thanks to Lilly Singh: My all, my inspiration.”

Elicia Morris – 19 – Sint Maarten (@TeamSuperSXM)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 2

“Lilly is one of the greatest people I know. I haven’t met her yet, but by watching her videos and daily vlogs I feel like I’ve known her my entire life. Lilly is such a beautiful person both inside and out. She is such a humble soul with a pure and genuine heart. I love how she interacts with her fans. She makes us feel like we’re a part of her life. We get to experience everything that she does and goes through with her. She stands up for what she believes in, like #GirlLove. She is never afraid to speak her mind. What I also love about her is her work ethic. Her hustle is so admirable. When she works, she puts all of herself, her energy and effort, into what she’s doing and she doesn’t stop until she is satisfied that everything turned out great. I love her weirdness. It shows that she isn’t afraid to be herself in front of her fans. She always stays true to herself and where she comes from. She doesn’t let fame and wealth change the true person that she is. I also love that she doesn’t look at us, who look up to her, as fans. She calls us her family.”

Hailey – Toronto, Canada (@hails_trip)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 3

“Lilly is my biggest inspiration. She has inspired me every day to be the best me I can be. One of the many reasons I love Lilly is because of how she truly cares. She’s always putting so many people ahead of herself. Truly selfless. She is, without a doubt, my idol.”

Manshi – 18 – India (@phansmitten)

“My love for Lilly is indescribable. She is my inspiration and a role model. Everything about her is simply amazing. Words fall short to describe her personality. She always has that positive aura around her. She has a heart of gold, she is motivational, humorous, relatable and what not? Her videos brighten up my day. It amazes me that even after attaining such heights how grounded and humble she is. She has a number of feathers in her cap but she never boasts about it. It is so heartwarming to see the deep relationship she has with her family, friends, and fans. She is such a wonderful woman – no doubt she is called a superwoman! Her work ethics and constant hustle make me want to excel in my field like her. She has worked hard to achieve what she is today and she deserves every single bit of the success she has today. She has broken all the stereotypes and has given numerous people coming from South Asian countries like me that confidence that even we could do something so unconventional and still succeed. I could go on but just to conclude, Lilly you are a truly a BAWSE!! Always stay like this and Team Super loves you very much.”

Rhythm – 16 – Mumbai, India (@TeamSuperRhythm)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 4

“Lilly Singh, ah there is SO much to say! First off, I love her because she always keeps me going. She’s my bundle of joy, not only does she make me laugh so hard but also inspires me each day. Her hustle and attitude towards life are something I look up to. She’s everything and more one could ask for as their idol. She’s changing the world for the better and I couldn’t be more proud! The movement has reached great heights already and there’s so much more to come. A Trip to Unicorn Island, the live show as well as the movie, are the best of their kind with such a good message. Not forgetting Lilly’s comedy videos, they can make one laugh till they’re in tears and she is SO relatable! I literally wonder if she lives in our brains or something! Also, the way she treats us, , as a family with so much love and affection makes us feel so close to her even though we live in different parts of the world, far, far away. She’s such a great human and so humble, not just on screen but in real life too. So blessed to have her. Lots of love.”

Lexy (@TeamSuperAllDay)

“Lilly can always put a smile on my face no matter how bad my day is. I love how she genuinely cares for her fans and shows them all true happiness. When I’m in the hospital or just having a plain old bad day, her contagious smile just cheers me up. I have to have 2 injections a week, and they’re pretty painful, and I ALWAYS watch Lilly during them.”

Yashashvi Agarwal – 13 – India (@TeamSuperIndia_)

“Why do I love Lilly Singh so much? I love Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, so much because she has played a huge role in my life. She has taught me so many things. Life is a huge 6-Foot tall man standing in front of you in a boxing ring waiting to knock you down. You may fall once, twice, thrice, but there is no shame in falling. There is pride in getting back up and fighting and if you try hard enough, you can fight back and conquer life like a ‘BAWSE’. That one saying of hers has legitimately helped me so much. She is the most genuine, loving, and grateful YouTuber I’ve ever seen! I will always be thankful that I exist in the same era as Lilly. If 6 years ago she hadn’t picked up that one camera and shot her first video which encouraged her to continue her journey on YouTube, I don’t think many of us would have gotten through the hard times in our lives! Her campaign is such a nice project. She ended a lot of girl-on-girl hate through this project, and she had special bracelets on sale for a period of 10 days. Her goal was to send as many girls in Kenya as she could to school, and all the money received went to that campaign! This makes me really, really proud to say that I’m a part of Team Super and a crazy Lilly Singh fan! I cannot wait to meet her one day.”

Dayna – 16 – UK (@Dayna_Green89)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 5

“I love Lilly Singh because she inspires me to hustle harder and be a ! She’s taught me to love myself, to be self-aware and that happiness is worth fighting for in your life! She has taught me so many life lessons, she is my idol, role model, mother, friend, and sister. She means so much to me and I’m extremely thankful and grateful for her. She’ll always have my everlasting love and support.”

Debosmita Saha – 17 – India (@Indian_Daisy)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 6

“Lilly has been my source of inspiration and my precipice for standing up to the world, actually, standing up to myself! Lilly said she was bullied when she was a schoolgirl, and I have also faced that. I might have succumbed to it unless I had met my Unicorn, my friend, my bawse- Lilly! Her attitude, her enigma, her self-dependency, and her self-reliability provided me with a goal, a motto, an ambition and a required motivation for life. I had never imagined that I would admire someone so deeply! Being from my country, I feel proud of her- my chest swells with mirth when I hear her name! Her comfort level with herself is so inspiring, and her honesty, sincerity, and compatibility with her work are so beguiling! She is the goal of many, including me! Lilly’s qualities are too many to be counted, and it’s difficult to tell which one is better than the other! Lilly has the power of disarming anyone, irrespective of gender. Her intelligence is also something to talk about- her interviews are never boring or artificial! I feel that someone like Lilly who speaks honestly about themselves is the bravest person in the world. It is one of the things I love about her. It’s also nice to see how Lilly gets along so well with others.

Apart from the fact that she makes damn awesome videos, she can sing well too! Her rap songs are so cool. Such is her talent that I, sitting here in India, feel that she’s here with me! Great people and celebrities are also in awe of her, so, it’s not just me, or people like me. She is so into her work, it teaches me a great deal! She is so natural, wit is in her bones! If I have a Unicorn Island, she’s my queen, and I feel proud to assert that. Lastly, I love you- from the core of my heart! Thanks for being who you are. I can shout out to the world- ” I LOVE YOU LILLY”! So deep is my love, adoration, and admiration for Lilly!”

Harini R. – 18 – Chennai, India (@Unicorn_Chennai)

“Lilly… A person who has completely changed my outlook towards life and has taught me to think big. I can’t say enough how important and precious she is to me. More than her talent, it’s her character and attitude that makes me love her infinitely and unconditionally. Her genuity and positivity makes her one of the world’s most influential digital stars and more importantly MY QUEEN. I am so proud and grateful to be part of Team Super which is a second family to me and even happier that we are all on a journey together :) I could go on and on but I would end on this note: “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life” – this lesson taught by Lilly is the most valuable lesson I have ever learnt and I will be grateful to her for my entire life.”

Micah Alexandria – 15 – Los Angeles, USA (@TeamSuperELA)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 1

“I love Lilly for so many reasons. One, she’s very interactive with her fans (). Her tweets and responses always make us think that she’s very approachable. She’s also a very hardworking person, to the point that whenever she releases or announces something, proud is an understatement. She also accepts you for who you are. She makes you feel that you are never alone because she’s there for you. She is a total sweetheart, and whatever kind of goofiness you see in her vlogs, that’s how goofy she is in real life, therefore she never pretends on camera. It’s all real and genuine. There are so many more reasons, but those are the on the top of my list!”

Sophia ter Borgh – The Netherlands (@selenagfan10000)

“I love Lilly Singh so much because she always finds a way to be positive even when she is at her lowest. I admire her for that. If Lilly is really passionate about something, (her GirlLove campaign for example) then she will do everything in her power to make a change in the world. Lilly is one of the strongest women I know. I will support her forever.”

Satvika – 14 – Chennai, India (@TeamSuperChenai)

“I started watching Lilly’s videos a few years ago and thought she was hilarious! But when I started watching her vlogs, her raw and genuine side showed so much more and within a few weeks, I was OBSESSED with her. She is SO positive and teaches millions of people to love themselves and smile through everything. She’s achieved SO much since then, like launching her own lipstick, meeting her idol, The Rock, having her own feature film, buying her first house… I could go on! She’s done all this purely through her hard work and so many sleepless nights. Her passion for what she does keeps her going and inspires me SO much every day! Her campaign, GirlLove, is the proof of how much she wants to make a difference and how she’s willing to lose more than sleep over it. Her love for her fans (TeamSuper) is so precious. She is goofy, weird, relatable, sassy, all while being inspiring, positive and a hard hustler. Her belief in hustling rather than hoping to achieve dreams is the hard truth she teaches through her many achievements and what she does to slay them. I also admire how she went through depression and has come SO far! I can easily say that she has impacted my life a lot and is my favourite person in the whole world. I could not be prouder to call her my idol and role model. I love and support her to death, always have, always will. .”

Tala – 13 – Jordan (@TeamSuperJordan)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 7

“I love Lilly because she makes me happy. She is truly making a change in the world rather than just saying she wants to. She’s a wise woman with great life choices and I look up to her and her story.”

Špela Kajzer – 17 – Slovenia (@ufuranakobilica)

“Lilly Singh is one of the main reasons I get out of bed every morning. She helped me find my smile again and showed me I am worth it. But most of all, she changed the way I see myself and the world around me. I used to be a very different person. I was scared to stand up for what I believe in, I was scared to talk to others and most of all, I didn’t like myself at all. Lilly showed me there is another way. She taught me that loving myself is okay. I started to look at the world with optimism and started being nicer and more open. I’m not so introverted and shy and I owe it all to her. She also changed the way I look at other people. I used to be one of many who are quick to judge others just by their looks, but Lilly made me realise that my way of thinking is wrong and I’m very thankful for that. She is the reason I go around my day with a smile on my face and quite frankly, she is the reason I am still alive. She showed me light when all I could see was darkness. Her videos brought a smile on my face on my darkest days when I was at my lowest point in life and since the day I first watched her video, I fight every day to be happy and learn to love myself as I was supposed to always do. I thank Lilly Singh for my life, because without her, I wouldn’t be here to live it.”

Neha – 17– India (@peaceforcas)

“Lilly Singh is one of the most influential people out there. She’s super talented, brilliant, and understands her audience well. Her content is simply relatable and hilarious. She’s a very hardworking, kind and positive minded person who brings out the best in me and motivates me to conquer the day. Lilly’s videos never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh regardless of the type of day I’m having. And that’s some of the reasons I love Lilly Singh.”

Asia – 23 – Florida, USA (@AsiaRonee)

Why Fans Love Lilly Singh 8

Why do I love Lilly Saini Singh? Hmm, I don’t think there’s enough time in a day for me to explain but I’ll try. I love Lilly because she’s unapologetically herself and she teaches others how to be the same and be confident in the things that make us different and to embrace our weirdness. Lilly is amazing, incredible, talented, beautiful, inspiring, motivating, innovative, hilarious, passionate, caring, and admirable. She’s going to be herself and doesn’t give an eff about who likes it or not and her work ethic is impeccable. There isn’t enough breath in my body to express why I love Lilly so much. She has saved so many of us in our darkest moments from mental illness to insecurities and helped us find our unicorn island and that’s why I love Lilly so much. It’s no coincidence that they call her Superwoman, she’s a BAWSE!”

There you have it, why some fans of Lilly Singh love her so much. The passion and effort in those responses are truly mind-blowing! Thank you, Lilly Singh, for constantly making us laugh, motivating us to hustle, and teaching us how to be a Bawse and a unicorn at the same time. You have created a powerful, supportive, and kind fan community that’s filled to the brim with positivity. Team Super is an unstoppable force, and the connection they have with Lilly and with each other is strong, unique, and aspirational. As Lilly usually says in her daily vlogs: “We’re in this together.”

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.