Why Fans Love The Gabbie Show

Some of us fell in love with Gabbie through Vine, and some of us through YouTube, but no matter how we found her, we all love her just the same.

We’ve seen her content grow from posting short clips on Vine, to uploading vlogs, storytimes, and collaborations on her YouTube channel, where she has over 3.6 million subscribers.

We’ve also seen Gabbie surpass every goal she sets for herself, including performing her own stand up comedy show and going on the Drop The Mic tour with Chachi Gonzales, Jack Baran, Ricky Dillon, and Andrew Lowe. Gabbie is truly the definition of an innovator, and through all of her achievements, she always thanks her fans for their support.

We asked Showstoppers from around the world why they love The Gabbie Show so much, and this is what they had to say…

Erin | 16 | Dallas, Texas @Gabbiesbae1  “I love Gabbie. First of all she is so confident about her self which makes her a great role model, she so funny, kind, and she really cares about her fans. She is probably one of the only YouTubers out their that still really communicates with her viewers. But amongst all that here is my story: About a year and a half ago I was suffering from the biggest depression anyone could imagine I thought the world was ending, I though everything I did was wrong, And i was about to just end everything. But then I stumbled upon a video by the title of Psycho Roomate and I watched it And I am not lieing when I say it was the first time I had laughed in a very long time. Fast forward a few months (let me just say that No one could cure me from my depression and we tried EVERYTHING) but after just a few months of watching The Gabbie Show All the sadness was completely gone!! I was the smiling teenager I used to. Be and I am so great full for that because with out her I don’t know if I would be alive right now. Lastly let me just say that the best two days of my life was December 21st and December 23rd of 2016. The 21st was the day I met Gabbie for the first time and she was kind and gave the best hugs ever (The kind of hugs that makes you feel safe from all the bad things in the world) She was super sweet and funny And She put me in her vlog which I later found out on the 23rd (I “Dabbed like a boss” lol) And I know this might sound cheesy as fuck but She saved me, She is my hero, my role model, my inspiration, and Most importantly, My friend. Let’s spread Purple Hearts for Gabbie go Showstoppers woop woop ???????

Sydney @gabbiejhanna “Gabbie means so much to me and has honestly changed my life for the better. Her unique personality and hilarious content never fail to make me smile or laugh. She is such a genuine, loving person, who deeply cares about all of her supporters. She takes the time to get to know as many of us as she can and that’s so admirable to me. Gabbie and her channel are growing so unbelievably fast, and I can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes, since she is already off to such a great start in 2017! Overall, Gabbie makes me so happy and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for how much she’s done for me and all the amazing friends she’s given me!”

Karine Moura | 19 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil @preciousgabbie “The reason why I love Gabbie is because she makes me laugh like no other, she’s talented, hardworking, sweet, caring and such a unique person She’s helped me through the darkest year of my life, which was 2016. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her videos, I have no idea of how I would’ve made it to 2017. She’s been through so much and to see where she is right now and how she got there through her hard work inspires me so much. She’s one of the most genuine people on YouTube and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a showstopper. Through every video and every new accomplishment, Gabbie continues to amaze me and I’m so thankful that I know her! I love that girl and she deserves everything and more!”

Chaz | 21 | Wales @charlcallaghan “Gabbie means more to me than I can describe. There’s not enough time to thank her for everything she does. She’s an incredible content creator as well as an amazing person in general. She’s given me sooo many things that money can’t buy: happiness, acceptance, a feeling of belonging & so many amazing friendships & I’ll forever be thankful to her. She’s progressed so much & I’m so happy I was able to join her on the journey, I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved, I can’t wait too see what else she creates & I will always love & support her & her content!”

Michele | 20 | NJ @xoMichele2xo “Gabbie can always make me smile. She is beautiful, kind, honest, and the most hardworking person ever. She puts so much effort into each and every one of her videos. She constantly makes new goals for herself and she inspires me to work hard for my future too. Gabbie always puts herself out there, and she is so brave. She isn’t afraid to try something new. Gabbie always has the funniest and craziest stories to share, and I am thankful she shares them with all of us.”

Claire | Washington @showstopper_c “I’m a HUGE fan of Gabbie. Gabbie helps see the person I really am, she Just is my role model. I love her to the moon and back!”

Haley | 15 | Houston, Texas @GabsTherapist “I love Gabbie because she truly makes her fans feel like her friends. She gives us reasons to smile and i am so lucky to have found her on youtube when i did, she’s absolutely amazing.”

 Amanda | 18 | Marlborough, Connecticut @music_diva13 “Gabbie Hanna gave me hope. She showed me that I can choose strength and that I don’t have to be “the most sick” to get help. She showed me that it’s not the size of your stomach or thighs that matters it’s the size of your heart. I believe one day someone will hug you so hard that all your broken pieces will come together. That day for me was when I met Gabbie? I support Gabbie because she is an inspiration. I support Gabbie because she is talented and funny enough to make me laugh when I’m depressed. I support Gabbie because she makes me happy even when I feel like I don’t deserve it. I’ve watched YouTube since I was 11 or 12. I’m 18 now so you can imagine how many videos I’ve watched in my lifetime. Gabbie Hanna is by far the most creative, real, and humble person I’ve watched. She deserves all the love me support she has and I’m so proud of her for continuing to grow.”

Grace | 12 | Nebraska, USA @thegracewshow “Gabbie means the absolute world to me, she makes me smile so much everyday and she never fails to make me the happiest girl alive. She does so much for me & her just being herself is so amazing. I love her so so so much and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings her!”

Lauren | Ohio @ShowstopLauren “Gabbie’s probably the greatest human I’ve encountered. She does everything she can to make her supporters happy and she loves us so much. She’s also hilarious and extremely talented. Don’t even get me started on how perfect she is, that could be an entire 500 word essay. She’s been through so much, and keeps staying positive. She’s a great role model. She’s open about all of her problems, and let’s everyone know that its okay to not be okay. I can’t express how much I love her in just one paragraph, but I’m hoping I get the idea across. I wish I could sit her down and tell her how thankful I am for her, I’ve met so many friends and great people because of her. I love her, so, so, so much.”

Skye | 16 | NY @theskyeeshow “gabbie is a huge part of the reason that I continue to keep fighting. she’s the person who helps me through my lowest lows, and makes me smile no matter what circumstances life throws at me. gabbie has inspired me to reach for my goals and one day accomplish them. i will always support gabbie, and be by her side no matter what. I wish her the best of luck in 2017, she’s going to achieve so many great things and I will forever be grateful to have such a strong, passionate and loving role model in my life. Love ya gab.”

Emma | 12 | Los Angeles, USA @obsessedwgabbie “I met gabbie on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. Gabbie was the only thing that kept me smiling throughout 2016. Her energetic personality and humor are probably my favorite parts about her. Her big smile is so contagious! Gabbie means the world to me?

Adelaide Davidson | 16 | Scotland@DonutAdelaide “Fans love Gabbie because she is a genuine person. She tells us if she ever puts on an act, which is very rare, and we get to see who she really is as a person. Her content is relatable and absolutely hilarious because of it. She’s touched on issues such as body confidence and awful people which acts as our source for someone to relate to meaning we can use her ways of changing or getting out of awful situations to improve ourselves. Gabbie doesn’t provide videos 5 days a week because she cares about quality rather than content and what she does provide us with is amazing. Gabbie Hanna is an amazing role model to people of all ages because she is herself, something we lack on youtube or tv today.”

Angelica | 16 | NJ @CorellaAngelica “When I first found Gabbie on the internet I was not at a great point in my life. I was not at the mental state that any teenager should be at, in my opinion. And watching her videos was a way to distract me from all the bad going on. As I started watching her more and more, I started just being overall happier. It felt as if the happiness she radiated in her videos, started going on to me. And I am able to say that she truly changed my life for the better. It’s something that I can say about very few people in this world. And I got the opportunity to meet her and talk to her and hug her and it was one of the best moments of my life. I consider Gabbie to be a role model and one of my best friends. Every time she does something great I’m so proud of her and I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

We love you Gabbie.

From, all of your Showstoppers.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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