Why fans love The Script

The Script are an interntional sensation orienated in Ireland. In their many years of a band, they have gained millions of fans who are located in various places across the globe. We spoke to some of these fans to hear why they love The Script, and this is what they said.

Brenda | 17 | Northern Ireland – “The Script are the most passionate artists I have ever come across in my life, they put everything into their music in every aspect of the process as well as touring and live shows. They care so much about their fans and being there for them. They are an escape for some and it’s truly beautiful to see the relationship between the band and The Script family.

Even 8 years into their careers, they’re still trying to better themselves and be the best musicians they can be, writing lyrics that are relatable and heartfelt, and really hit home with true feelings. They’re just great musicians – talented, passionate and insightful. The Script have always known exactly who they want to be as a band and they’ve always done things how they want, and how the fans want and they’re just amazing. I personally owe everything to them for what they’ve done for me, so thank you to The Script for making music and being there when I needed someone the most.”

Mary Rose | 19 | Phillippines – “I love The Script because I feel happy when I hear their songs. I feel comfort because of Danny’s voice, and I love Danny very much. They’re all good with music.”

Dentia | 31 | Indonesia – “I love The Script because their songs are so inspiring and creative.”

Claire | 17 | France – “Their songs helped me when I was totally desperate and down hearted. I had had hard times especially at school and their lyrics gave me strength and courage to continue. They were the only people who were always there for me. They have helped me through so much, and they are real artists with a real creativity and sensibility. They are also very funny and I love their accents very much.”

Jade | 15 | Phillippines – “I love The Script because of their talent, love for music and their personality. They know how to value their fans by being approachable, just like on twitter they used to tweet almost every day to update us on their daily lives. I consider them a good inspiration to us because The Script know how to influence other people through their music.”

Lucy | 16 | England – “I love The Script because their music is the definition of amazing. It shows so much emotion and passion with each word, and it just makes it amazing. Another thing to love about the music is that it’s about things people have to deal with on a day to day basis, and sometimes just listening to their songs make you feel a little less alone about how you feel. People are there for you, and they do understand.”

Lara | 16 | Egypt – “Their music makes me happy, whenever things go bad or life gets hard, I listen to their music, and it makes me feel a lot better. Their music is really inspiring and I just love them.”

Abi | 16 | England – “They always interact with fans by doing loads of Q&A’s on twitter and they are honestly some of the best people you could ever meet. If you see them live, they are so energetic and there’s never a dull moment during the show. They do everything they can to interact with their fans and show them how they much they love them.”

Lilla | 16 | Hungary – “I love them because their music is so inspirational and they care so much about their fans! It’s crazy how we form such a strong family together! I’m happy to be part of The Script family.”

Chelsea | 17 | England – “I love them because they’re unique, and they make me feel better even if they’re not physically there, their music helps me in every way possible. They make me feel happy. They do so much for us fans, and it just makes me unconditionally proud and I couldn’t thank them enough for what they do. I miss them so much.”

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Written by CelebMix