Why Iggy Azalea’s Career Flopped

The music progress is going in the non-stop mode and doesn’t know the compassion for the failures. The show business is a serious and sometimes even cruel area. With a list of difficult requirement.  As a result, we can see many celebrities who couldn’t handle their roles and careers flopped, for example, you can’t see stars like Megan Fox or Lindsey Lohan on the top. So, what’s brought Iggy Azalea to the list of them and does she have any chances to come back and have a big success?

What was before?

Her history started in the little city in the province of Australia: this little girl, whose real name is Amethyst, always was hardworking and purposeful. From the youngest age, she dreamt to move to America and show herself as a talented girl with an original flow. And she always did her best for it. The newbie rapper felt like a failure in her home country, and she thought that the USA, the homeland of hip-hop will bring her success and everything would be completely different. Iggy never thought that something will be easy. Cornerwise; she was always serious about what she does, her plans for the future and dreams. So, after the failure with her own group – she was dropped suspended from the school and began to help her mother clean up hotel rooms and holiday houses.

Saved a sufficient amount of money to move to her dream country, at the very young age the girl went for her dream.  As it was expected: Iggy‘s parents didn’t approve of this decision and didn’t support the move to America. So, that’s why Azalea had to go to the cunning trick. She told her mom and dad that she was going to America supposedly for a holiday with her friend.” Could you please change it to So, that’s why Azalea had to go to the cunning trick. According to an interview she gave to Edusson, she told her mom and dad that she was going to America supposedly for a holiday with her friend

Although the naive dreams of young girls are often far from reality, but not in the case of this girl. She felt extremely comfortable in the USA; like everything should be like this. She wasn’t embarrassed by financial problems and the fact that she was so far from home without any relatives. She changed many jobs, traveled around the country and enjoyed the fact that the dream finally came true, despite her young age.

The Beginning Of The Music Career!

After, Amethyst decided to seriously engage in their musical creativity after her moving to Los Angeles because it was the city of her dream she still lives in. Then she used the new way of showing the talent. As a representative of the youth of the 21st century, the girl wasn’t going to record studios and didn’t ask music producers to make her real celebrity. Instead of this, Iggy began recording songs and uploading them to YouTube and many other websites.

The peculiar style of Iggy’s recitative and her undoubted rapper talent led to the fact that her channel on the popular video hosting was gaining more and more subscribers. And when in 2011 the actress laid out her first official video for the song: they started talking about her as one of the brightest young talents. She was already known as a bright personality.  As a result, many great music sources started to talk about her personality and creation.

Multiple songs and clips fixed the individuality of her creativity: her texts are provocative, sometimes bordering on vulgarity and designed to break the usual patterns. Anyway, her popularity was crazy. Perhaps earlier the girl might have been considered too bold, but in the 21st century, her style pleased the fans of hip-hop.

The attention of record labels didn’t have to wait: in 2012 the girl signed with the contract for the release of the first studio album. It was expected success. The plate was laid out in free access, and for the past since then, it was downloaded over 100,000 times.

Iggy Azalea’s career developed until 2014 in the same spirit. After that, a single followed that brought her absolute fame and quite unexpectedly became a real world hit.

The song blew up many world charts and, more importantly, was on the first line of the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart. Iggy was the first white girl to read rap, which managed to lead this chart. Only in the United States, “Fancy” was sold in more than 3 million copies.

Scandals That Relate On Iggy

The attitude of the hip-hop community to Iggy Azalea cannot be called unambiguous. So, rapper Snoop Dog which is usually a kind and neutral to the most celebrities initiated a real scandal on his social network page, saying that Iggy, unworthy of the rapper’s title and has not enough talent for it. It’s just an example from a dozen others. The last straw was an unsuccessful song that was made feat Britney Spears and after this many of her fans agree that her career is kind of gone down. It all began with innocent popularity but it ended with a star fever that destroyed all relationships with much popular pop and rap singers.

Written by CelebMix