Why James McVey is your Perfect Valentine

James McVey to many might just be known as the guitarist for The Vamps but there’s a whole lot more to this loveable lad than what meets the eye. From his animal loving to his serenading abilities – here’s five reasons why we really want him as our Valentine this year!

5. He loves animals

Just like most of The Vamps guys, James is a huge animal lover and has taken part in promotion for a number of charities. Including a thought provoking  PETA cat shoot and attendance at the Mayhew Christmas fundraiser is just two times in which his love for furry friends has been shown. Admitting he’s more of a cat person (we are too James!) he has an adorable ginger cat called Mickey. An animal lover and a huge charity supporter? What’s not to love!

4. He’s the perfect friend

With James as your valentine, you wouldn’t just get a great partner in crime but also a brilliant best friend. Shown throughout his time with the other Vamps guys always being there when someone just needed a big bear hug. But also through his YouTube channel his kind-hearted personality shines. His ‘You CAN like more than one band’ video is a perfect example of the level-headedness which you need within a best friend, understanding that yes you might be a big 5SOS fan but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a The Vamps girl too. We could sit and write a billion and one reasons why James would also make the perfect best friend but we’ve still got three other reasons to talk about why he’d be the perfect valentine.

3. He’s honest

Honesty is a desirable trait to have and James oozes in this. A key example of this is his openness about the acne struggles which he has faced over the years, revealing his struggles, offering advice on how to tackle the problem and also how to remain positive through it. Reaching out to a fanbase, undoubtedly with fans who face the same issue, has meant they will no longer feel alone.  He puts his honest struggles on the line in order to help other people. We’re never going to forget the important line of ‘Never be afraid to accept and embrace imperfections’, thanks for the words of wisdom James!

2. He’s pretty healthy too…

Er, we don’t mean this in a totally superficial way but James likes to keep himself fit and healthy, it’s not like we’re complaining about that at all. From his regular gym selfies which make us feel like we really need to up our game to his food posts wanting us to have a massive healthy eating session. James definitely enjoys showing off his progress and we’re sure he could teach us a thing or two about improving our gym technique.

1. He’s insanely talented musically

(Image Credit: Dean Sherwood)

One of the biggest reasons we want James as our Valentine this year is so he can serenade us with his beautiful voice. On The Vamps 2015 arena tour, the audience were serenaded with his track Move My Way, we admit we absolutely melted into our seats at this point and we’re sure a lot of you probably did too. We love the downplaying of his talent which James does, meaning with him as our valentine we wouldn’t need to feel too bad about being completely tone deaf.

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Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.

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