Why Justin Bieber is Your Perfect Valentine

Ask anyone, Justin Bieber is THE biggest guy in music right now. He’s hugely talented, a grade A stunner, and generally an all-round awesome person. Cool as a cucumber, that one. Justin Bieber is very much in-demand, but if you still reckon you’ve got a chance, here are five reasons why JB is your perfect valentine.

5. He is hot, like, really hot

Why Justin Bieber is Your Perfect Valentine 2

If we’re judging Bieber on looks alone then he really has no flaws at all; he is BEAUTIFUL. Let’s be honest, he’s made quite the transformation since 2009. Gone are the smiles and floppy fringes – say hello to moody poses, glorious muscles, badass tattoos, and a jawline that could cut your heart in two. We’re starting to think he was actually carved by angels.

4. He has a proven track record of dating fans (kind of)

Why Justin Bieber is Your Perfect Valentine 1

All hail Hailey Baldwin. Way back in 2009 Hailey met a young Justin Bieber as a mere fan, they then became buddies, and now they’re dating. GOALS. This is fanfiction in real life, people. What a time to be alive. Justin and Hailey are very cute together though; we hope they last. #Jailey, everybody.

3. He gives good hugs

Why Justin Bieber is Your Perfect Valentine 2

Hands up – who wants a hug from Justin? We all know the Biebs gives the best hugs; he’s so cute and cuddly.  If Justin doesn’t end up as your valentine (unlucky, babes) hopefully you can settle for a hug and a selfie instead.

2. He’s great with kids

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Yeah, Justin can play the moody bad boy (which we kinda love), but underneath all that he’s got the sweetest heart. Here he is hanging out with his 7 year old sister Jazmyn, proving he’s the best big brother. SO CUTE. Check out that tattoo sleeve, though.

1. He’s a triple-threat talent

Why Justin Bieber is Your Perfect Valentine 3

Singing, dancing, um, skateboarding: Justin is a fantastic performer. His passion and talent brings every stage to life. It’s no wonder he simultaneously reached No. 1, 2 AND 3 in the charts with Love Yourself, Sorry and What Do You Mean? His success cannot be stopped – we’re so PROUD. Justin really is a perfect performer, and he’s your perfect valentine.

Is there anybody left who doesn’t love Justin Bieber? Seriously. What a guy. This Valentine’s Day make sure to keep a special place in your heart for the Biebs – even though he probs won’t be there with you. Sorry for breaking your hearts, guys.

Whaddya think, is Justin Bieber your perfect valentine?  Did we leave anything out?  Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know!

Written by Emily Gulla

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